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Cheap Pink Fused Alumina Manufacturers Europe

In general, compared with the hot adhesive machine, the disadvantage of the cold adhesive machine is that(fused aluminium oxide), for the complex bonding surface, the mechanical hand gluing time and heating drying hardening time are longer, resulting in lower efficiency of the whole bonding process. The bonding joint is bound up with adhesive tape.(aluminum oxide blasting) The adhesive tape is used to ensure the sealing of the joint to prevent the coating from penetrating into the gap.

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For manual sizing, special temperature regulating furnace(black corundum), self-made hot melting tank, simple electric furnace, hot melt gun and other electric heaters can be selected, and self-made sizing rod such as steel saw blade can be used. Imported hot glue is represented by American Ashland company's special hot glue(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). After the die is treated by leakage method, the electric heater is heated to make the glue tank (tank) rise in temperature.(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers europe)

For oversize pattern, the method of combining hot glue with adhesive tape is adopted(white alumina). The hot glue is added in several parts, and the temperature is kept at 100 ~ 200 ℃ for heat preservation. The temperature of glue melting tank shall not exceed 140 ℃. Glue the melted liquid with the stick and smear it onto the foam pattern(silicon carbide grit suppliers). Then two foam patterns are moulted, slightly squeezed 5~10s, that is, the bonding is firm. The casting joint is very neat after pouring.

(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers europe)The hot glue provides sufficient bonding strength to prevent cracking and deformation(brown fused aluminum oxide). For large joint surface, several points should be selected symmetrically. At these points, hot glue should be applied at these points to close the mold, and the assembly accuracy of the die piece should be checked(white aluminium oxide 180/220). After fixing, the hot glue on the steel strip will flow in at the joint joint joint of the die piece Joint joint, and then do a little scraping repair.

The product has the characteristics of rapid bonding, rapid curing, good fluidity, less gas evolution and no carburization defects(white fused alumina). It is mainly used for white mold bonding with strict casting quality requirements. The bonding method is automatic bonding by hot bonding machine, and also used for manual operation. Due to its high price, it has not been widely used in China(brown aluminium oxide grit). After gluing, the coating surface can be left in the air for a few minutes.(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers europe)

The two joint surfaces can be dragged back and forth several times to make the adhesive coating thin and uniform(black synthetic corundum). After most of the solvent volatilizes, the bonding effect is better; it may take several hours for the complete bonding, and it can be used immediately for the pin of about 200kg. First put the cold glue into a small bottle, squeeze it until it is glued, and then scrape it with a rubber scraper(aluminum oxide sandblasting). Hot glue needs to be heated and used at a certain temperature.

(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers europe)The cold glue should be painted thin and even(100 grit aluminum oxide). As one of the auxiliary materials, EPC binder performance and application effect will affect the casting quality. In order to get the casting products with high qualified rate, qualified auxiliary materials should be selected. The price of imported binder is too high(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). It is suitable for small and medium-sized EPC enterprises to choose domestic EPC binder with good comprehensive performance and moderate price.

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