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The large-scale membrane flow system is composed of several single units in parallel(silicon carbide price). In order to make the series current more accurate and stable, and the inductance of the DC coil burned on Qianruo also changes, a series of electrical building control rooms are specially designed(garnet abrasive price). The PLC performs PID calculation and changes the control current of the frame and the reactor by controlling the KGIST duty cycle.

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The series current value set is compared with the output microbial number of the total value current transformer, PLC is operated by PID, and the quantity is output by pressing(white corundum). As the automatic setpoint of the overall tuning. The accuracy of control and the response speed of the control system; high-speed data exchange and information resource sharing are realized(glass beads supplier). So as to achieve the purpose of stable current of the unit.(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers portugal)

If the effect is greater than the control voltage, because the saturation reactor has run out, the total two will automatically upgrade(pink aluminum oxide). Keep the end of the system judged current at the set value. When the saturation resistor is cut off, the control current is maximum. All adjustment parameters of the Hengchun system are uploaded and sent through the network(black oxide aluminum), which fully reflects the digitalization of the constant current control system.

(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers portugal)The total adjustment automatically lowers the pole, and its automatic opening and lowering state can be flexibly set according to the operation needs(white aluminum oxide). Strong anti-interference ability, easy to find fault signal. The development of the rectifier control system has mainly experienced two stages from analog control to digital control(arc fused alumina). All-digital equipment selection and networked data exchange speed up the data transmission rate between equipment.

The single-unit flow control is independent control of the A and B rectifier cabinets(black aluminum oxide), that is, the A and B rectifier phases are independent to the amplitude current detection and control loop, and the control device is the same PLC(steel shot abrasive). The total control function completes the constant current control of the composite current (electrolytic series current) output by the rectifier unit of 6 or 5 (when 1 rectifier is withdrawn).(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers portugal)

Thereby improving the control precision and response time of the intelligent constant current system(white fused alumina), so that the flow control system plays a large role in electrolysis production. The series current is fed back to the PLC via the total DC transformer and transmitter to compare and calculate with the series current setting (digital setting)(silicon carbide companies), and the output result is used as the constant current setting of the learning unit.

(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers portugal)At the same time, the control PLC of the system all adopts the main functions realized by the PLC single-unit and current device of the internationally famous brand Siemens(white aluminium oxide). The constant current control of a single rectifier unit is based on the principle of isolating the unit's DC output current or AC current. After the conversion, it is fed back to the PLC, which is greatly compared with the given signal (digital given).

The principle is based on the fact that the magnetic permeability of the iron core changes during DC magnetization(brown fused alumina price), that is, through the additional DC excitation capacitor on the iron art of the trimming saturable reactor The size and direction changes to adjust the magnetic field strength (ie core resistance and unsaturation)(green carborundum), and change the reactance of the AC winding (working type) of the reactor and the reactor.

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