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Cheap Pink Fused Alumina Manufacturers South Korea

The chrome corundum product has moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpness, low sand consumption, can be recycled and reused, and good abrasive finish; and its chemical composition is stable, wear-resistant, and acid-base resistant. The abrasive shell-shaped fracture has sharp edges and corners, which can form new edges and edges during continuous crushing and grading, making its grinding ability better than other 1200 grit aluminum oxide abrasives.

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For sandblasting, white fused alumina is preferred for uniform particle size and quality assurance. The production steps of the high-purity brown corundum we are talking about are: refining and purifying alumina in the product raw material alumina, adding hydrochloric acid, excess sodium hydroxide and carbon dioxide to the silicon carbide abrasive solution, and after chemical reaction, the resulting mixture is subjected to two steps.(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers south korea)

Based on this, the existing dumping method is used for brown fused aluminum oxide smelting, that is, by chemical. The method is combined with physical method to produce high-quality brown corundum. The production method can greatly increase the alumina content of the product and further enhance the strength and toughness of the product. In addition, the addition of green silicon carbide and chitin in the production process can accelerate the melting of materials and reduce the smelting time. 

(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers south korea)Filtration, followed by burning, then adding carbon for white aluminum oxide high temperature reduction reaction, and finally extracting 95% ~ 97% alumina and Ti, Si simple substance. At the same time, it can reduce power consumption by more than 15% and shorten the smelting time by more than one hour, thereby achieving energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, it can make aluminum oxide abrasive play a modifying role.

The particle size of the unit of measurement refers to the size of the white aluminium oxide raw material particles, which is generally expressed by the maximum length of the particles. The mesh size indicates the size of the mesh openings of a standard sieve. In the Taylor standard sieve, the so-called mesh is the number of sieve holes in a length of 2.54 cm (1 inch), and is simply referred to as the black silicon carbide mesh. The larger the number of aluminum oxide grit meshes, the finer the particles.

(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers south korea)Similar to the magnification of metallographic structure. A plus sign in front of the number of white corundum meshes indicates whether the mesh of the mesh number can be missed. A negative number indicates that the mesh can pass through the mesh, that is, the particle size is smaller than the mesh size; and a positive number indicates that the mesh cannot be missed, that is, the aluminium oxide blasting particle size is larger than the mesh size.

For example, the black aluminum oxide particles are -100 mesh to +200 mesh, which means that these particles can be leaked through the 100 mesh mesh but not through the 200 mesh mesh. When screening such particles, the mesh number should be large ( 200) is placed under the sieve with a small white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit mesh number (100), and the particles left in the sieve with a large mesh number (200) are -100 to 200 mesh.(cheap pink fused alumina manufacturers south korea)

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