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Cheap Pink Fused Alumina Suppliers In Brazil

Two different kinds of pink aluminium oxide are mixed together to make their advantages and disadvantages grow and fall. This is a very simple method of variety modification. The commonly used mixed abrasives are brown corundum and white corundum, single crystal corundum and white corundum, and brown corundum and silicon carbide.

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This kind of collocation, together with the change of the mix brown fused aluminum oxide composition ratio, can be countless in theory. Therefore, it is an extremely broad field, which can adapt to different steel grinding requirements. At present, the so-called "sesame salt" grinding wheel is a mixture of white aluminum oxide abrasive and cubic boron nitride, but the latter is very small, generally 5-15% concentration (equivalent to 0.4-0.6 carat per cm3).(cheap pink fused alumina suppliers in brazil)

It seems that some sesame seeds are sprinkled in the black aluminum oxide grinding wheel, so it is named. Because CBN is a kind of expensive super hard abrasive, it is very effective for hard abrasive materials with high hardness. This method is used to solve the contradiction between price and use, so it can be used. The higher the content of black aluminium oxide is, the higher the quality of silicon carbide is, the better the effect will be, that is to say, the less other elements.

(cheap pink fused alumina suppliers in brazil)In addition to white fused alumina, we can know that the silicon carbide contains free silicon, free silicon dioxide, silicon carbide, iron, aluminum and other free silicon. The main part of the free silicon dissolves in the total silicon carbide crystal, and part of it exists in the alloy state with other metal impurities (iron, aluminum, calcium, etc.). A part of carbon is mainly wrapped in brown fused aluminium oxide crystal, and a part of carbon forms carbide with metal impurities.

Free silica usually exists on the crystal surface, which is mostly formed by the oxidation of white aluminium oxide during the cooling process of resistance furnace. The higher the quenching temperature, the more silica on the surface of SiC crystal. Due to the high temperature and reductive atmosphere in the furnace, most of the iron, white fused alumina price, calcium, magnesium and other elements are in alloy or carbide state.(cheap pink fused alumina suppliers in brazil)

The well-known mixed white aluminum oxide are gz-gb, gd-gb, gd-gz and gd-tl (black silicon carbide). None of these impurities enter the silicon carbide crystal. It is mainly deposited on the interface of grains and in pores. It can be seen that the chemical composition of silicon carbide also needs our attention, especially in high-tech research. The content of some indicators of black aluminum oxide media needs to be tested accurately to ensure the production and experiment.

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