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However, under low impact abrasive wear condition(white fused alumina), the wear resistance can be improved with high boron content, which is related to the refinement of boron structure and the strengthening of grain boundaries. When the content of W (b) < 0.005% in steel is less than 0.005%, the grain will be coarsened when the content is too much(aluminum oxide grit). It has the functions of deoxidization, desulfurization, dehydrogenation and denitrification in steel.

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In the compression test, the yield strength of manganese steel with turning is 20% higher than that without turning(silicon carbide abrasive). This is because RecA, REC, reaca type high melting point carbides can be formed between rare earth elements and carbon, which are distributed in the grain(synthetic corundum). In general, the grain size of cast steel is uneven, and boron promotes the inhomogeneity even more, because the distribution of trace amount in steel can not be very uniform.(cheap pink fused alumina wholesale suppliers usa)

The strength of steel increases with the increase of fault content, but the plasticity decreases(white aluminum oxide). Because zirconium has strong deoxidation ability, its oxide dissolves in liquid metal at high temperature, and precipitates at grain boundary when it crystallizes and cools, which worsens the plasticity of steel(aluminum oxide abrasive). The wear resistance of shovel teeth made of Ni containing high manganese steel is 70% ~ 80% higher than that of ordinary high manganese steel.

(cheap pink fused alumina wholesale suppliers usa)It has obvious effect on the crystal structure of the steel(black corundum). High manganese steel is easy to form columnar crystal structure during primary crystallization, especially when metal mold is used. When pouring temperature is high, it can develop into transgranular structure(emery abrasive). When w (b) = 0.005% ~ 0.006% is added into the steel, the columnar products can be eliminated, and the fine equiaxed products can be obtained even at high pouring temperature.

When w (Zr) is controlled in the range of 0.1% ~ 0.2%, the combination ability of anchor with oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and hydrogen is very strong(white corundum). The solubility of anchor in austenite and ferrite is very small, so its solid solution strengthening effect is not obvious. The high melting point compound of CuO can be used as the crystal core to refine the crystal structure and prevent the growth of austenite particles at high temperature(black silicon carbide). ZrC with high melting point (3530 ℃) can be formed due to the formation of strong carbides.

It can improve the wear resistance of steel under the condition of non impact abrasive wear, which is related to the formation of a certain amount of granular carbides in the steel(brown fused alumina price). Rare earth elements can prevent the formation of continuous network carbide on the grain boundary of high manganese steel, and the carbides are distributed on the grain boundary in discontinuous agglomerations(white aluminium oxide powder). It can prevent the diffusion of carbon and the aggregation of carbides.(cheap pink fused alumina wholesale suppliers usa)

These carbides exist long before the austenite precipitates carbon, so the dispersed crystalline core of precipitated carbides is formed during cooling process(white alumina). This external nucleation increases the amount of carbide in the crystal and reduces the amount of carbide precipitated on the grain boundary However, the plasticity of high manganese steel increases and the casting stress decreases(green silicon carbide). At the same time, the shape of carbide in the crystal changes from needle like to massive.

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