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When ready, contact the power supply to prepare for power failure(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). After confirming the power failure, start to install insulating plates at the short intersection, and pay special attention to safety during operation(alumina abrasive powder). Turn the elliptical controller to the manual position before power on, and it is forbidden to put into automatic control. 

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The maximum impulse voltage shall not exceed 5.3v. If it exceeds this value, the connection or welding of soft connection, anode small bus, explosion welding of anode guide rod and cathode soft belt shall be checked immediately. In case of overheating, redness and other phenomena, it shall be handled immediately until the fault is eliminated(aluminium oxide blasting media). Pay attention to the impulse voltage of the electrolytic cell(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). 

Shaping with aluminum target to make the insulation material uniform, and expose the steel claw for observation(fine grit aluminum oxide); It should be noted that alumina can not be used for insulation to prevent the difficulty of pulling out the residual electrode due to the equal height of the anode and the sintered alumina shell during the first pole rotation(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). After the series is sent to full current for 8h, the diverter can be removed gradually.

The specific steps of coke layer laying are as follows: blow the upper part of the tank, furnace bottom and all anodes with air pipes(glass bead abrasive); Start laying coke particles, and continuously push from the end pole of anode a and B to the head pole one by one(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). If the error is within 3%, it is considered that the current distribution is uniform, otherwise, it needs to be adjusted(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Then, measure every 4H and continue monitoring for 48h. 

Required materials shall be prepared before coke particle melting and power on, including pre cultured anode group, coke particles meeting particle size requirements, electrolyte block, cryolite, soda ash (or NaF), CAF (MEF), AF, Al203, etc(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit); Prepare tools and instruments, such as anode fixture, anode hook, shunt, soft connection, etc(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa); Prepare test instruments and meters, such as universal meter, temperature measuring instrument, current distribution tester, etc. 

After the series is sent to the full current, start patrol inspection of the shunt, soft connection and anode, judge whether the current distribution on the front and rear surfaces of the melting and sintering tank is uniform, and measure the equidistant voltage drop of the column(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). Check the short-circuit bus connection and confirm that the disassembly and installation of the short-circuit junction are qualified(steel shot abrasive).

The operation procedure is: the impulse voltage during melting and burning is between 4-5v, and it is powered on for about 8-10h(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). If the tank voltage gradually drops to 3-3.5v without obvious fluctuation, the first set of diverter can be removed according to the tank temperature(alumina grit). Each level of current shall be carefully checked to see whether the steel claw is red and whether the cathode conductive rod is red.

First remove the connecting end between the diverter and the horizontal bus, and then remove the connecting end with the column bus(garnet blasting media). After removing each set of diverter, the voltage will rise slightly, but with the continuous melting and burning, the resistance in the tank will continue to decline, and the tank voltage will slowly fall back to 2.5 ~ 3V(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). When it is stable for 2 ~ 3H, the second set of diverter can be removed.

According to the requirements of temperature rise curve, remove the 3rd, 4th and 5th diverters in turn(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Note that the current distribution shall be tested once in time for each set of shunt removed. After power on for about 12h, the diverter can be basically disassembled and enter the full current melting stage(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). Then full current culture was carried out(alumina blasting). Then completely loosen the clamp head, and then slowly lift the clamp.

Therefore, what are the precautions for coke particle roasting(silicon carbide grit)? For the coke pellet sintering operation, pay attention to the following aspects: in the whole sintering process of aluminum reduction cell, in order to improve the sintering quality and reduce local overheating, it is necessary to ensure that the anode current distribution and cathode current distribution are as uniform as possible from beginning to end(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa).

It is strictly prohibited to hang the anode guide rod to avoid the shaking of the anode placed on the coke particle layer. Electricity can not load the full current at one time(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Generally, it is loaded to the full current in four stages according to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the full current. Control of melting temperature: heating rate(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). The determination of temperature rise curve varies slightly according to the type and quality of electrolytic cell lining materials. 

Test and observe frequently, especially after each adjustment of power transmission load and current splitter operation, carefully check the current distribution, and adjust in time if any abnormality is found(black corundum). If the linear expansion coefficient of the material is small and the volatile content is small, the heating speed can be appropriately faster; on the contrary, the heating speed should be slowed down(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa).

The hydrocarbons in the carbon paste decompose most violently at about 500 ℃, so the heating rate of 400-600 ℃ should be the slowest, and 5-10 ℃ / h should be the best(150 grit aluminum oxide); After 600 ℃, most volatiles have basically escaped, and the heating rate can be appropriately accelerated, such as 10-15 ℃ / h(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). According to these conditions, the temperature rise curve is drawn as shown in the figure. 

Do not raise the temperature too fast in the whole sintering process, so as to avoid excessive thermal stress due to large temperature gradient in the heating surface and material, resulting in damage of lining material(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa); Or due to the rapid escape of a large amount of volatile matter, resulting in sticking, bubbling, cracks and holes(pink aluminum oxide). These will seriously endanger the service life of the electrolytic cell. 

How to prevent and deal with abnormal conditions in pyroxene burning(240 grit aluminum oxide)? Of course, too slow down the heating rate and prolong the melting and burning time will waste energy, manpower, material resources and production time unnecessarily, and bring economic losses to the enterprise(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). After power on for 6h, loosen each fixture, release the thermal stress, improve the contact conditions, and then tighten the fixture(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive).

The temperature distribution shall be uniform and the relative deviation shall be kept within 20%(cheap sand blasting grit manufacturers usa). It is required that the final preheating temperature at the bottom of the furnace should be above 850 ℃ on average before electrolyte filling operation and starting the electrolytic cell(silicon carbide powder). After stable for 5-10min without abnormality, continue to rise to the high-level current, and rise to the full current for 20-30min.

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