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Alcoa once used the controlled potential coulometer as a tool to accurately determine the metal content(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). It is used to analyze the trace silver (Ag) added to aluminum. Used mass spectrometer to continuously determine the current efficiency(white fused alumina suppliers). The disadvantage of this method is that it requires precision instruments and long analysis time. 

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The measurement on the industrial tank by this method shows that the weekly current efficiency of the measuring tank is 9540.1%(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). The process and technical conditions are selected according to the factory and tank conditions, and higher current efficiency can be expected(china brown fused alumina manufacturers). The concentration of Ag added to the aluminum solution of the electrolytic cell is 1 ~ 100ppm, and the measurement accuracy is within 0.4%(garnet suppliers). 

Since the effects of these new technologies, processes and materials affecting the industrial process are difficult to predict, the actual minimum energy consumption is actually a variable index(aluminium oxide blasting media). The capacity consumption value is based on physical measurement, and the default energy consumption value has several assumptions, which will make great differences in the reported data(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers).

However(garnet abrasive), under the condition of strict sampling operation and preventing the sample from being diluted by air, the current efficiency data has a good reference value(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). Therefore, in a broad sense, research on theoretical energy consumption, guaranteed supply of energy for the aluminum electrolysis industry, energy saving and environmental protection load, etc. can provide a reference basis for macro management(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa).

This method is equivalent to the results measured by copper dilution method(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). The basis of this method is to add radioisotopes Au, Co, etc. to the aluminum solution of the electrolytic cell. After a certain time, analyze the relative content of the element in the aluminum solution (i.e. the amount of diluted element) to determine the increment of aluminum(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). If calculated by the annual average current efficiency, the error is about 1%.

Radioisotopes are used for dissolution(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). Although the amount of metal added is small and the accuracy of the results is high, it takes time for the complete disappearance of radioactivity(aluminum oxide abrasive). For example, Au, its half-life is 27 days, and the complete disappearance of radioactivity takes about 1 month, which many manufacturers are reluctant to use(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). The anode gas contains about 0.5% HF, which should be corrected.

Therefore, the value of annual average current efficiency in industry is more reliable(aluminum oxide blasting media). Because the aluminum production after a long period of production is very large, even if the determination of aluminum in the tank is not very accurate, it has little impact on the results(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). In the presence of HF, the moisture brought in by the material is mainly alumina, which causes the decomposition of fluoride salt to produce HF. Leroy et al(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers).

They used mass spectrometer to continuously analyze the composition of flue gas in 280kA pre culture tank(black silicon carbide), so as to determine the mass balance of oxygen and carbon, and then determine the current efficiency and carbon consumption(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). Hives et al. Also studied the relationship between carbon consumption and current efficiency in the laboratory electrolytic cell with specially made instruments and oxygen balance method(vietnam aluminum oxide).

The basis of this method is to add a small amount of metal Cu or Ag to the aluminum solution of the electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), and analyze the relative content of the element in the aluminum water (i.e. the amount of diluted element) after a certain period of time, so as to determine the increment of aluminum in this period of time(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). The lowest value represents the ideal energy consumption in thermodynamics, but the response is very slow(corundum abrasive).

The key is to accurately measure the amount of aluminum in the tank(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). This method obtains current efficiency data through long-term production (e.g. 3 months or half a year), and then inventory the amount of aluminum left in the tank(green silicon carbide). It is quite accurate. This kind of method is more accurate, but it requires that the added elements should be evenly mixed with the molten aluminum(how to choose white fused alumina). Cu dilution method is more used in China.

In summary, for the actual operation of industrial aluminum electrolysis cells, lower molecular ratio, lower alumina concentration, lower electrolysis temperature, low effect coefficient, good point-type feeding and automatic control are adopted(alumina powder suppliers). Maintain the stability of the aluminum liquid level, reduce its disturbance, keep the furnace side and the extension leg intact, and prevent the short circuit when changing the anode(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers).

Usually in the process of studying theoretical energy consumption(high purity fused aluminum oxide), the assessment scope of energy consumption has two aspects(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers): The whole process of aluminum smelting, that is, in the macro planning, the consideration of energy consumption should include: from bauxite mining Aluminum production is the whole process of electrolytic aluminum production, so as to determine the current efficiency in this period of time(wholesale brown fused alumina). 

It is the most commonly used method in the industry(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). It is based on: the aluminum produced by the electrolytic cell after a certain period of time, subtracting the aluminum in the cell, and obtaining the actual aluminum output during the period, thereby determining the current efficiency(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). The actual minimum energy consumption is defined as the optimal design value of the advanced technology adopted in the project(corundum sand).

There is a little difference between the two(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). Considering only the electrolysis production technology, it is the whole process of aluminum electrolysis(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Theoretical benchmark has two measurement values when testing the production process, that is, the theoretical minimum value of the production process and the actual value of the current production(white fused alumina price).  However, it provides a benchmark for ideal and optimal values.

The research reports put forward by many analysis and evaluation agencies are confused when comparing data(aluminum oxide supplier). This is due to the differences in the measurement system, measurement benchmarks, system boundaries, and dimensions used. It is easy to confuse the "in-production energy consumption value" and "default energy consumption value"(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). The instruments are expensive and are affected by magnetic fields(alumina abrasive).

It was planned that the actual minimum energy consumption of electrolytic aluminum would be 11000kwh / t al by 2020(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). Another example is that when a material changes from one shape to another, its theoretical minimum energy consumption is based on the mechanical properties of this material, which is also an ideal value(brown fused alumina manufacturers). In practice, neither chemical nor mechanical theoretical minimum values can be achieved.

The actual benchmark actual production value is the actual measurement average value of the current production practice(aluminum oxide grit), which is taken from the peripheral range of the process, the number of parameters, the sampling technique, the measurement accuracy and the data accuracy(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). A Geiger counter is used to determine the degree of dilution of the radioactive isotope, and the increase in aluminum is determined by the ratio(brown corundum).

The difference between the theoretical minimum value and the actual production value is a very valuable data, which is the space for improving the process and improving energy efficiency(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Actual minimum energy consumption: according to general application, the definition of actual minimum energy consumption is also different(white aluminum oxide blast media). Mass spectrometers are used to determine the composition of the electrolytic cell gas(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers).

In some examples, it is represented by the energy consumption value of the process, which is the comprehensive energy consumption when each unit operation is carried out with the best technology and management(aluminum oxide blast media canada). The use of point blanking and advanced control technology can ensure that the electrolytic cell works under optimized conditions and improve current efficiency(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). This method involves complicated instruments.

Since 1995(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), the actual energy consumption of production in the country has been 15400kwh / t al, which is 27% lower than the latter(cheap sandblasting sand manufacturers). In industry, this achievable goal is set as the actual minimum energy consumption of industry by 2020(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). When chemical methods are used to convert one material into another, the theoretical minimum energy demand is based on the net chemical reaction to manufacture the product.

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