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Cheap Silicon Carbide 180 Grit Manufacturers USA

The biggest disadvantage of silica bricks is the low thermal shock stability (about 1 to 4 times of heat exchange in water), and the second is the low fire resistance (generally 1690 ~ 1730 ℃), which makes its application range very limited(brown fused alumina price). Modern coke ovens are large-scale thermal equipment built of tens of thousands of tons of brick-type refractory materials, of which silicon bricks account for 60% to 70%(silicon carbide companies).

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When using silicon bricks(white alumina), the following two points should be noted: when the quality products are at 200 ~ 300 ° C and 573 ° C, the volume suddenly expands due to the transformation of the crystal form, so the temperature should not be raised too fast below 600C in the oven, and cooled to below 600 ° C Avoid drastic temperature changes(arc fused alumina). Permeate to form a protective layer, thereby improving the erosion resistance of the brick.

Silicon bricks produced in China are classified into GZ-95, GZ-94 and GZ-933 grades according to their physical and chemical indicators(white fused alumina). Except for the silicon brick used in the flat furnace top, the technical conditions of bricks with a unit weight greater than 15 kg are negotiated between the supply and demand sides(fused alumina). Silicon brick for coke oven is a silicon refractory product whose main crystal phase is scaly quartz for building coke oven.

This kind of micro-expansion is beneficial to improve the integrity of the masonry and reduce the erosion effect of the slag on the masonry(black corundum). The coke oven silica brick should have the following characteristics: Coke oven silicon bricks must withstand the dynamic load of coal carts on the roof at high temperatures, and require long-term use without deformation, so the coke oven silicon bricks require a high load softening temperature(black oxide aluminum).

The standard also stipulates the appearance as follows: cracks are allowed to cross only one edge, and cross-edge cracks are not combined(white aluminum oxide). Coke is made from coking coal in the carbonization chamber by conduction heating of the wall of the combustion chamber, so the silicon bricks used to build the wall of the combustion chamber should have a high thermal conductivity(glass beads supplier). The product is slightly expanded than the brick, and its expansion rate is about 0.7% ~ 0.9% .

Chinese Standard (YB / T5013-1997) stipulates that the grade of silicon brick for coke oven is JG-94(pink corundum). Section spalling: Bricks with a unit weight less than or equal to 15kg shall be evaluated according to the non-working surface crack index; bricks with a unit weight greater than 15kg shall be evaluated according to the working surface crack index, but section spalling shall not be allowed to extend to the brick surface. High thermal conductivity(glass beads manufacturers).

The weight of a single brick is greater than 40kg, and the technical conditions are negotiated by the supply and demand sides(white corundum). The semi-silica brick has an A12O3 content of 15% to 30% and an SiO2 content of more than 65%. It is a semi-acid refractory product(garnet abrasive price). Semi-silica bricks generally use quartz sand-containing refractory clay, pyrophyllite (A12O3, 4SiO2 · H2O, and tailings of refractory clay or kaolinite beneficiation as raw materials.

Semi-silica bricks have less expansion characteristics. high load softening temperature(green carborundum). Another feature is that when the high temperature slag contacts the surface of the brick Later, a layer of glazed material with a high viscosity (melt with a high content of SiO2 formed by the interaction of the slag and the product, with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm) is generated on the surface of the brick, blocking the pores and preventing the slag from continuing into the brick(glass bead abrasive).

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