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Cheap Silicon Carbide 180 Grit Wholesale Price Russia

The most common iron-bearing minerals in bauxite are oxides, mainly including hematite a-Fe2O3(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), hydro hematite a-Fe2 (aq), goethite a-FeOOH, and hydrogoethite a-FeOOH aq), limonite Fe2O3 · nH2O, magnetite Fes and maghemite yFez(100 grit aluminum oxide media). In addition to the common oxides, iron-containing minerals include sulfides and sulfates, carbonates and silicate minerals.

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Generally, the content of iron sulfide in boehmite bauxite is higher than that in boehmite and gibbsite, and gibbsite often contains siderite(black oxide aluminum). Bauxite also contains small amounts of chlorite, which are aluminosilicates of iron and magnesium(glass beads manufacturers). Iron in bauxite in China mainly exists in the form of hematite, iron in Guangxi Pingguo bauxite mainly exists in the form of goethite, and some high-sulfur bauxite contains more pyrite.

These iron-containing minerals are often mixed with the main minerals in fine particles of 0.1um to several microns(brown fused alumina). Hematite and corundum can be isomorphic. Siderite can be decomposed in a caustic solution under normal pressure to form Fe (OH) 2 and NazC3(glass beads supplier). Tests on some high-speed iron-boehmite bauxite abroad show that under normal dissolution conditions, Ala3 in the goethite lattice is insoluble.

After the alumina is dissolved, all iron minerals remain in the red mud and become an important part of the red mud, which affects its sedimentation performance(brown aluminum oxide). The iron oxide that has not been filtered out of the solution becomes the finished Al (OH) ) 3 Source of iron contamination. Hematite does not actually interact with or dissolve caustic during the Bayer process(garnet abrasive price). It is still a stable phase at 300 ° C.

The chemical formula of goethite is (Fe1Ax) 20a. A3 + can replace Fe + in the crystal lattice to a certain maximum degree, and the maximum degree of substitution can form Fe1.75Alo.253(brown aluminium oxide). The molar replacement amount in hematite generally does not exceed 2% to 3%, so the dissolution rate of Al2O3 will not be affected by the low iron bauxite with hematite as the iron-containing mineral(glass bead abrasive).

Fe atoms in hematite are replaced by Al atoms, forming a goethite. Hematite is an iron mineral often encountered in gibbsite(arc fused alumina). Amorphous isomorphisms of A1 + and Fe + are often found in iron minerals in bauxite. Fe (OH) 2 generated by anti-causticization will be oxidized to Fe2% or Fea4, and hydrogen will be released(steel shot abrasive). The existence of iron is related to the type of bauxite, sodium sulfate and magnetite.

The reaction formula is 3FeC% + 6NaH—Fes + 3NazC3 + 2H2 + H2(fused alumina). The generation of hydrogen increases the non-condensable gas in the high-pressure stripper. When the bauxite is dissolved, the pyrite can also be dissolved in the sodium aluminate solution to generate sodium sulfide, sodium thiosulfate(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The above process is related to the dissolution temperature and the concentration of caustic.

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