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Cheap Silicon Carbide Abrasive Grit Price Japan

Pingguo Bauxite in Guangxi belongs to the type of high-speed iron diaspore bauxite, which is characterized by hard quality and poor grindability(low sodium white fused alumina). Part of alumina is difficult to dissolve, Fe2O3 content is high, and the content of fe23 in the dissolved red mud can reach more than 30%(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). According to the above characteristics, Liu ruxing studied the magnetization pre roasting of Pingguo Bauxite in Guangxi.

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In the experiment, C is used as reducing agent, the roasting temperature is 650 ℃(brown fused alumina), and the roasting time is 30 ~ 60min, After calcination, the leaching rate and grindability of alumina are better. In addition, soda ash can decompose the floating material wollastonite in the circulating breaker: Cao · SiO2 · H2O + Na2CO3 = Na2SiO2 + CaCO3 + H2O, which can stabilize the industrial desilication efficiency(white aluminium oxide super fine), dissolution time was 60 min.

The calcination conditions were 10% CO + 10% CO2, 650 ℃, 45 min, dissolution conditions were Na2O, 165G / L(brown aluminum oxide). It can be seen from the figure that the alumina dissolution rate of roasted bauxite is higher than that of raw ore. The results show that the red mud dissolved by Bayer process has good magnetic separation performance(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). The content of Fe2O3 in the product concentrate is 69.60%, which can be used as iron making raw material.

However, there are two difficulties in practical operation: first, the roasting under high temperature should be well controlled, so that diaspore will not form corundum with complete crystallization(brown aluminium oxide), so as to ensure that it has certain chemical activity, has good dissolution performance when the concentrate is dissolved, and will not dissolve when the alkali leaching is desilication(silicon carbide grit); The other is to make the Al2O3 crystal decomposed from kaolinite better.

In addition, if the iron content of bauxite is high, this method of roasting pre desilication is not suitable(garnet suppliers), because iron will promote the formation of mullite 3Al2O3 · 2SiO2, which is harmful to pre desilication. This process is suitable for low iron diaspore kaolinite bauxite in China(green silicon carbide powder). Of course, the process itself should be further improved through experimental research, and it will not react with NaOH to cause Al2O3 loss during alkali leaching desilication.

There are two problems in the process of pre desilication Bayer process: in order to ensure a high desilication rate(glass bead blasting media suppliers), generally 10-50, is needed in the process of alkali delilication of fused sinter, which results in a low capacity of equipment to process ore(black silicon carbide powder). In order to solve the above problems, the Bayer leaching process of excessive lime for desilication under the pressure of burning compensation is put forward in Shandong Aluminum Plant.

The concentrate after desilication is leached by excessive Lime Bayer process(steel grid); a large proportioning liquid-solid ratio, the time of alkali wet desilication is relatively long. The NaOH solution of Na2CO3 leaches the roasted ore, and the reaction of soda ash and Cao in the melted ore generates CaCO3(aluminum oxide blasting media), which avoids the reaction of Cao and Na2SiO3 to generate wollastonite and transfer it to the aluminum concentrate to reduce the desilication rate.

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