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Cheap Silicon Carbide Abrasive Powder Price Belgium

At the same time(arc fused alumina), steel and some non-ferrous metals form a dense acid salt film on the surface of the treatment liquid based on zinc dichloride phosphate or iron phosphate phosphate; or a mixed phosphonic acid film in the mixed treatment solution of phosphoric acid and acid(black silicon carbide factory). The film is not only strong in corrosion resistance but also good in absorbing coatings, so it can be used for painting and bonding, and sometimes there are large changes.

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Therefore, it is necessary to properly control the purity of the water. In order to prevent the workpiece from picking up corrosion again during pickling, a corrosion inhibitor must be added(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Care must also be taken to maintain a proper concentration of the treatment fluid to prevent excessive increase in dirt and affect the effectiveness of the conversion fluid(aluminium oxide 36 grit). When using the chemical conversion method, the composition and operating conditions of the solution play a decisive role.

Sometimes mixed acid is also used, for example, a mixed solution of 5% to 10% sulfuric acid and 10% to 15% hydrochloric acid(silicon carbide companies). Although the electrochemical aluminum oxide film is porous, the adhesion on the base metal is very good. For example, heating to 200 ° C, 25pm film still has good adhesion(high purity fused aluminum oxide). During acid etching, if there are many floating foam on the surface, this is a sign of danger and the solution should be replaced.

During the chemical conversion operation, attention must be paid to the purity of the water(green carborundum). Because it is often an important factor in determining the treatment effect, the water quality varies from region to region. Electrochemical treatment includes electrode oxidation, electroplating and contact electrode reduction(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). Electrode oxidation is usually carried out by passing AC or DC current in acid electrolyte, and alkaline electrolyte is also used. 

Especially the purity of the rinsing water is more important, and it should be strictly analyzed and controlled(brown fused alumina). Many problems with poor adhesion can often be directed to the source washing operation to find the reason. As we all know, different types of adhesives have certain requirements for the purity of water different(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). For example, epoxy glue allows higher chloride and alkalinity in water than phenolic-butadiene eye glue. However, epoxy glue is more afraid of acid in water than other adhesives.

The porous layer is composed of hexagonal alumina crystal groups and inter-group pores(fused alumina). Wei Zai has developed a method to replace the tank and tank processes with a spray process, which can achieve continuous and automated operation, and achieve the best and uniform results(aluminum oxide 40 grit). The acidic electrolysis of ordinary electrode oxidation is made up of sulfuric acid, complex acid, phosphoric acid-chromic acid mixed acid, oxalic acid, etc. as basic acids.

Generally speaking, an oxide film is usually formed on aluminum during electrolysis(brown aluminum oxide). At the same time, this film is continuously dissolved by acid, and the film can only be thickened when its generation rate is greater than the dissolution rate(white fused alumina for refractory). The aluminum electrode oxide film is composed of two layers of oxides with different structures, and a layer of non-porous oxide layer of about 0.05pm next to the metal aluminum, on which is a thick porous layer.

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