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However, if the homogenous materials of the copolymerization units are all consumable(aluminum oxide abrasive), and their crystalline structure is the same, their conjugates can also conjugate products, and the unit cell parameters generally change with the composition of the copolymerization unit(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). A polymer with good crystallinity at low temperature, but difficult to form at normal temperature.

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Of the molecules smell hydrogen bonds, so they have a fairly stable structure(aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, a knotty polymer with good chain flexibility is conducive to the formation of the body. Random copolymerization of the co-mouse structure causes different structural units to be mixed to form a polymer chain(white aluminium oxide super fine), and the symmetry and regularity of the chain must be destroyed, so that the ability to bind products is reduced or even completely lost.

It is believed that this is caused by the small volume of the hydroxyl group and the strong polarity(wilson abrasive). When the volume of the side groups is large, the polymer's binding property has strict requirements on its regularity. The intermolecular force usually reduces the flexibility of the chain, which is not conducive to the formation of crystals(glass beads manufacturers). Once the knot is formed, the intermolecular force is stable with the crystal structure.

The main chain of Louzhi copolymer usually reduces its knotting ability due to branching effect(brown aluminium oxide). The branches of the grafted fraternal and the blocks of the vesicles basically maintain their own characteristics, and the branches or blocks that can be crystallized can form their own crystal regions(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). Other factors The adjustment of the polymer chain from disorder to order requires a certain degree of flexibility in the molecular chain.

They can usually exist in a glass state(brown fused alumina price). For example, polyethylene has a strong binding ability, and the case of ethylene terephthalate containing extractive ring on the main chain weakens the crystallization ability due to poor flexibility, and the rapid cooling of the melt can obtain a completely amorphous structure of the aggregation state(garnet abrasive price). As the degree of cross-linking increases, the polymer can completely lose its product properties.

The degree of polymer bonding is increased, and its yield stress, strength and modulus are improved(white alumina); while the tensile elongation and impact resistance are reduced. The chain structure has a certain degree of regularity, which satisfies the chain structure requirements for forming knots(glass bead abrasive), but the crystallization rate is so slow that the polymers with appreciable knots cannot be obtained at the usual cooling rate. 

Due to the different crystallinity, the performance index of the same polymer can differ by several times(green carborundum). In the high-complex product, the molecular chains are tightly and orderly arranged, and the porosity is low. The knot product increases the interaction force between the molecule(aluminum oxide blasting media)s, making it difficult for the molecular chain to move and causing the capsule to harden and embrittle, and the bonding performance decreases.

Materials with a low glass transition temperature(silicon carbide companies), such as natural rubber and cis-butadiene rubber, can obtain considerable crystallization at low temperatures, but have a highly elastic amorphous structure at room temperature. Branching and cross-linking both destroy the regularity of the chain and limit the mobility of the chain(steel shot abrasive), so it always reduces the crystallization ability of the image compound.

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