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The principle of directional bonding is that the atoms on the close packed crystal surface of catalyst material should be bonded with the single atoms on the graphite crystal surface in the vertical direction(brown fused alumina). The stronger the bonding ability is, the better the effect may be(emery abrasive). The transition group elements are not completely filled with d-electron orbits, so they all have 2p which attracts the single atom vertically on the graphite crystal surface.

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Under the condition of low melting point and low melting temperature and high pressure(brown aluminum oxide), the catalyst still retains the ordered structure, and its contact area with graphite is larger than that of solid phase, so it can play a full role. Two O-rings with two-way protection rings are used for sealing between the ultra-high pressure working chamber and the high pressure return cylinder(aluminum oxide abrasive). The high pressure return cylinder is sealed by one O-ring inside and outside the guide sleeve.

The main harm of oxygen in powder catalyst is as follows(brown aluminium oxide): in terms of diamond output, the diamond crystal host with hinge structure is difficult to be synthesized by flake process. Under the condition of ensuring high powder forming rate as much as possible, the peak particle size of catalyst powder should be controlled at about 80um(black silicon carbide powder). Firstly, Ni and Co are put into Al2O3 crucible, then vacuum heating is carried out until Ni and co melt.

Compared with flake catalyst, powder catalyst has a large implantation area, so it is generally considered that the output of powder catalyst is high(brown fused alumina price). However, due to the different amount of catalyst and the trend of flake process to thin, the output of the two processes is almost the same in unit volume(aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, on the basis of the first two principles, some low melting point materials should be selected as catalysts as far as possible.

Moreover, the catalyst has a low melting point, which is good for mastering the process and prolonging the service life of the equipment(white alumina). In terms of diamond crystal shape, six hinge beams are connected into hexahedral rigid frame through 12 pin rods, six working cylinders (including pistons) are respectively installed in six hinge beams(silicon carbide abrasive grit), and the working cylinders are divided into ultra-high pressure working cylinder and high pressure return cylinder.

In addition(green silicon carbide). Then, Mn is put into the crucible under vacuum, filled with 400mmhg (1mmhg = 133.322pa) argon, the temperature is controlled at 1300-1450 ℃, refined for 20-30min, and then cast into plate. Generally, the particle size of graphite powder is less than 10 m, and the particle size of catalyst powder is about 50 um(synthetic corundum). When synthesizing diamond, the external force and P2 act on the composite, and PA = P2.

The ability of directional bonding of electrons is stronger because there are many missing electrons in D orbit(black silicon carbide). In the process of synthesizing synthetic diamond, the particle size of powder catalyst is required to be higher. If the particle size of catalyst powder is too coarse and the specific gravity difference between catalyst powder and graphite is too large(carborundum grit), the mixture is uneven and segregation is easy to occur.

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