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Cheap Silicon Carbide Grinding Producers South Korea

Take the following measures to improve the temperature of the stock solution: the boiling point of the solution is proportional to its surface pressure(aluminum oxide grit). The lower the pressure, the lower the boiling point, that is to say, the higher the vacuum degree, the lower the boiling point(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). The effective temperature difference of evaporator refers to the temperature difference between the temperature of heating steam and the boiling point of solution.

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The lower the boiling point of solution is, the greater the effective temperature difference is(aluminum oxide abrasive). The capacity of evaporator is directly proportional to the effective temperature difference. In production, strictly control the water temperature of condenser to control the vacuum degree and reduce the steam consumption(brown aluminum oxide factory). The steam consumption is increased due to too high washing water temperature in production.(cheap silicon carbide grinding producers south korea)

The steam consumption of other steam consumption accounts for nearly 10% of the total steam consumption(brown fused alumina), and the main factors affecting the steam consumption are as follows: the alkali distribution amount of evaporation vehicle shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the dispatching order(aluminum oxide blasting media), and the temporary alkali distribution change in the workshop shall be approved by the on duty dispatching, otherwise the workshop shall be held responsible.

(cheap silicon carbide grinding producers south korea)The workshop coefficient temperature is required to be stable at 97 ℃ in production, and timely adjustment and supervision shall be made after exceeding the standard(brown aluminum oxide); The uneven water supply and steam of steam water heater lead to waste of Yan steam. In production, the pipelining operation should be standardized, the ore ratio should be adjusted reasonably(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit), and the piped dry steam accident should be eliminated.

The equipment management and supervision of the digestion unit should be strengthened to prevent the occurrence of unplanned shutdown accidents(brown aluminium oxide). The causes should be analyzed and the responsibility should be investigated in time. In alumina production, the surplus water in the process should be removed by evaporation(white aluminium oxide super fine), and the dispatching and supervision shall be done to reduce the flow process of raw water for dissolution.

The new water consumption can be obtained from the water replenishment amount of the pressurized pump room in the evaporation workshop(brown fused aluminum oxide). In order to strengthen the statistical management of water consumption, the water replenishment must be approved by the factory office. The amount of water replenishment must be recorded carefully on duty(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). In case of any abnormality, the cause should be carefully analyzed and adjusted.(cheap silicon carbide grinding producers south korea)

If the green belt is poured in the workshop and the ground is flushed(white aluminium oxide), the water consumption of any other external units must be measured by the water meter in the dispatching room of the branch plant, so as to make accurate statistics on the water consumption and prevent excessive water consumption(low sodium white fused alumina). It is strictly forbidden to use fire water for pressurized steam of stripping condenser without special circumstances, and the use must be approved by the dispatcher. 

The specific measures to reduce new water consumption are as follows(black corundum). The circulating water pool in the workshop shall be supplied with evaporated secondary condensate water, and it is strictly prohibited to use fire water to make up water. It is strictly forbidden to add fire water to the ore in the raw material workshop, and the dispatching of the branch plant shall be well supervised(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). All mechanical seal water should be used for circulating water.

(cheap silicon carbide grinding producers south korea)It is strictly forbidden to use fire water(pink corundum). Secondary condensate water is used to make up water for evaporation, decomposition and melting burning circulating water tank. It is strictly forbidden to use fire water to make up water. It is strictly forbidden to make up fire water for circulating pool and steam drum of gas station. Strictly check the fire water running, leaking, dripping and leaking(white aluminum oxide grit). eliminate the phenomenon of long running water in workshop.

The raw water in production mainly includes fire water for pressure steam of digestion condenser(green carborundum), water for cleaning and flushing the ground into the process, water for mechanical seal string material entering into the process, rain and rain water, etc.; the semen and mother liquor of decomposition plate are not allowed to go by-pass(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), sedimentation and decomposition, and improve the concentration of raw liquid, and some steam should be consumed.

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