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The reason is that the solution is strongly adsorbed on the surface dissolution temperature of fine particles of Al goethite and Al hematite(black oxide aluminum), and the higher the concentration of Na 2 is, the more iron will enter into the solution(glass beads supplier). When the solution temperature decreases, these iron will precipitate into tiny particles, and the maximum degree of replacement is 12.5% in hematite. 

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Recently, it has been reported that the addition of hydroxamate and other additives to the solution can promote the flocculation and agglomeration of fine iron compounds in the solution(brown fused alumina). The amount of iron in the solution is similar to that of SiO2, that is, the higher the iron content in the ore, hematite and corundum are isomorphic crystals, the less the iron content in the solution, because the iron in the solution can be separated out on the iron mineral particles(pink corundum).

After sedimentation, the overflow does not need to be filtered, and the iron content in the finished product is greatly reduced(brown aluminum oxide). In addition to the 2-3mg / 1 dissolved iron in the form of sodium ferrate, there are also iron-bearing mineral particles with fineness less than 3um in the production solution(garnet abrasive), the amount of which can be up to 5 times of the dissolved iron, and these particles are difficult to filter even under laboratory conditions.

The decomposition of pyrite in bauxite will also generate dissolved sodium hydroxythioferrite or sodium thioferrite, which will increase the dissolved iron concentration(brown aluminium oxide). When the total iron content in filtered semen is lower than 4-5mg / L, the product Al (OH) 3 will not be polluted by iron(green carborundum). In most bauxite iron minerals, goethite and diaspore are isomorphic crystals, that is to say, Fe atoms in their lattice can be replaced by Al atoms.

In Bayer process, titanium oxide is one of the main causes of alkali loss, which leads to the deterioration of red mud settling performance(brown fused alumina price). As mentioned above, the maximum degree of replacement is equivalent to fe.67alo.a3o0h in goethite, i.e. in goethite, the maximum degree of replacement is equivalent to fe1.7salo.2s3(silicon carbide companies). Under certain dissolution conditions, the loss of Al2O3 is inevitable due to the Al atoms entering the lattice of iron minerals.

For some Hungarian bauxites containing 15% ~ 20% goethite(white alumina), the dissolution rate of Al2O3 is reduced by 1% ~ 5% due to the presence of aal2o3 in the lattice, but the dissolution rate of Al2O3 can be greatly increased by adding lime. Bauxite contains 2% ~ 4% TiO2. Generally, TiO2 exists in the form of rutile, anatase and titanite, sometimes colloidal titanium oxide and ilmenite(arc fused alumina). The content of titanium oxide in Guizhou bauxite is high, about 3% ~ 4%.

In the treatment of diaspore type bauxite, the existence of titanium oxide seriously reduces the dissolution rate of alumina(black corundum). In order to improve the dissolution rate of diaspore, lime must be added(fused alumina). It is also found in the production that when the temperature of preheating pulp is higher than 140 ℃, the scabbing speed in the heating tube is accelerated, and the scabbing contains a higher amount of TiO2 and Cao, i.e. titanium scabbing.

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