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The service life and shape of the calculation bar have a great influence on the production of sintering machine(green carborundum). The requirements for the strip material are: it can withstand the drastic temperature change; it can resist high temperature oxidation; it has enough mechanical strength(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). Before h, many materials used by the same family in the world were mainly cast iron, cast steel, chromium nickel alloy and other materials.

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The trolley is at the air box of the sintering end point(white fused alumina), but the life of the calculation bar made of gray cast iron is low, generally about 4 months; the life of the calculation bar can be increased by using heat-resistant steel, the former Soviet Union used the calculation bar containing cr18-25, the life is 19-20 months(silicon carbide companies); the effective ventilation rate of the calculation bar is 11%, and the single weight of the calculation bar is 2.6kg.

The requirements for the calculation strip are: long service life, large effective ventilation area, small resistance loss and light weight(white aluminum oxide). Therefore, alkaline bricks can be selected for the bottom of furnace wall which is seriously corroded by chemical. High aluminum bricks are generally used to build around the burner on the furnace top(arc fused alumina). The service life was 8-10 months. The average consumption of calculation bars per ton of sinter was about 0.05kg.

In recent years, almost all of Japan's trolley calculation strips are made of 25 chromium series, which are made of 25 crini, with a service life of 17-35 months(white corundum); In our country, high silicon, high chromium or medium manganese rare earth elements were used to make calculation bars. HT20-40 was used in the 90m2 sintering machine of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and high aluminum heat-resistant cast iron containing 4% ~ 6% Al was added(glass beads supplier).

The refractory igniter for igniter is an important part of sintering machine(brown fused alumina price). The device is composed of refractory lining and burner, and the service temperature is generally 1100-1300. The production practice shows that the calculation life of 75m sintering machine is 8-10 months, the calculation life of 50m sintering machine is 12-14 months(fused alumina), and the average calculation consumption per ton of finished sinter is 0.05-0.055kg, 0.04-0.045kg respectively. 

Most of Angang No.2 sintering plant uses fine-grained concentrate(white alumina). The average temperature of the gas collecting pipe of the sintering machine is 120 ℃, and the temperature of the calculation strip measured in the return lane is 70c higher than that of the first sintering plant(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Therefore, the corrosion rate of the first burning bar is slower than that of the second burning bar, the service life is longer, and the unit consumption is smaller.

The wall and top of the igniter are generally built with clay bricks or high aluminum bricks(black corundum). The inclination angle of the top of the calculation strip section is reduced, which can reduce the phenomenon of material clamping between the calculation strips; the gap between the calculation strip and the calculation strip is reduced by 1mm(black oxide aluminum), which is mainly considered to adapt to the production of fine concentrate and no bottom material sintering.

As we all know, lime and other substances are usually added in the production of pellets(pink corundum). Under high temperature conditions, Cao can react with alumina silicate refractory brick, resulting in damage to the village. Of course, in addition to its own conditions, the service life and consumption of the calculation strip are also related to the conditions of raw materials, operating conditions, trolley quality(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), maintenance level and other factors.

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