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When the carbon content increases to 1.8%, the nearest atomic distance is 0.267 nm, the coordination number is l0.4 atoms, and the atomic stacking density increases(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan); When w (c) = 1.8% ~ 3.0%, the coordination number increases to 11.2 atoms, but the nearest atomic distance does not change, indicating that the atomic stacking density increases further. 

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X-ray wide-angle diffraction and neutron wide-angle diffraction were carried out on the liquid iron carbon alloy in figure(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). The relationship between atomic coordination number and carbon content in the liquid alloy was obtained from the analysis of diffraction intensity curve data(pink aluminum oxide). It is hoped that the carbon aggregates can be separated by centrifugal force. Sample molten iron w (c) = 3.3% ~ 3.5%. 

The atomic coordination number is equivalent to the number of atoms in the sphere with the radius of the distance from the first coordination layer of atoms, which has a similar meaning to that of solid crystal(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The relationship between N and carbon content of the alloy is shown in the figure(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). When w (c) > 3.5%, the short-range ordered atomic distribution structure can be detected in the micro quenched samples. 

It can be seen that when m (c) < 3%, n increases with the increase of carbon content(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). The nearest atomic distance of pure molten iron is 0.252nm and the coordination number is 9 atoms. The density of carbon aggregates is much lower than that of iron(sponge media abrasive). The mass fraction of carbon is detected at different radii of the annular sample cast by molten iron at 1240 ~ 1490 ℃, and the results are shown in the figure.

As mentioned in the metal liquid structure, atomic groups move constantly in the liquid phase, and there are structural fluctuations all the time(black corundum). The existence of C-C atomic group is because the outermost electrons of carbon atoms constituting graphite crystals are connected by T bonds with weak binding force(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). This view gradually disappears with the progress of research and analysis technology of cast iron structure. 

The results of centrifugal separation test further confirmed that the liquid iron carbon alloy is not a single-phase homogeneous melt, which contains carbon atom micro groups that can be separated from the liquid phase under the action of gravity(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). This figure shows that the carbon content at the sampling point decreases linearly with the increase of diameter, indicating the segregation of carbon atoms(alumina abrasive powder).

The atomic group dominated by carbon atoms in liquid cast iron is very unstable, changing all the time in time and space, showing structural fluctuation and concentration fluctuation. Under different conditions, they exist either in the form of C-C atomic group (identified by (c)) or in the form of c-fe atomic group (identified by (FEC))(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). Experiments show that there is free electron flow between vacancies(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive).

It is considered that since the formation of C-C atomic group requires the rapid diffusion and aggregation of carbon atoms, the activity of carbon in molten iron represents the corrected effective carbon concentration that actually works in the molten solution, and also expresses the interaction and activity ability of components in the actual solution(aluminium oxide blasting media). This atomic coordination number is expressed in n(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). 

Therefore, these carbons are attached to primary crystals in different ways, and alloyed cast iron has different mechanical and physical properties(white aluminum oxide). In thermodynamic calculation, activity instead of concentration can more accurately reflect the change law of components and phases(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). Therefore, not only sufficient driving force for phase transformation, but also basic materials that can form crystalline core are needed. 

In the past(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), the research on the structure of liquid cast iron was focused on the existing form of carbon in the liquid phase and the effect of carbon on the formation mechanism and precipitation morphology of primary crystal(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). X-ray diffraction experiments have explored the liquid and solid atomic spacing and coordination number of some metals, which provides some experimental basis for the short-range order theory.

The decrease of density above 1550 ℃ is caused by the decrease of surface tension(glass bead abrasive). However, there is no clear statement about the saturated concentration of carbon(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). The composition of these solid phases is very different from that of molten iron, and their precipitation goes through the process of nucleation and growth(100 grit aluminum oxide). The increase of carbon activity in molten iron indicates that the activity of carbon atoms is enhanced.

In other words, scientists in the former Soviet Union once put forward a research idea centered on colloidal theory(steel shot abrasive). The data in Table L show that the size of carbon micro group decreases with the increase of hot metal temperature(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). The explanation for this phenomenon is that the increase of density is due to the dissolution of undissolved carbon micro groups and the change of vacancies.

They regarded liquid iron carbon alloy as a dispersion system, made some experiments on the distribution of carbon atoms in the melt, and put forward the concept of carbon atom group, which once played a useful role in understanding the structure of liquid cast iron(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media). In order to determine the distribution of carbon atoms in molten iron, someone once carried out centrifugal separation test on molten iron(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan).

For more than half a century, the earliest popular view was that liquid iron carbon alloy was an unsaturated melt of carbon, and this liquid phase was uniform in chemical composition(brown aluminum oxide). Only when carbon exceeds the saturated concentration in iron, carbon precipitates in the form of "slag"(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). The researchers calculated the size of carbon micro group in molten iron with different carbon content and temperature, as shown in table L(120 grit aluminum oxide).

Earlier, when the carbon content of iron carbon alloy was less than 2%, the density of liquid alloy did not increase or decrease due to the changes of superheat temperature and high temperature holding time(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan). However, when the carbon content exceeds 2%, the density increases with the increase of temperature when the temperature of liquid alloy is lower than 1500 ℃(aluminum oxide anti slip grit); Above this temperature, the density gradually decreases.

The former Soviet scientists also measured the density of liquid iron carbon alloy and nickel carbon alloy with superheat temperature and superheat time under different carbon content(garnet blasting media). The density change test shows that the carbon atoms in the liquid iron carbon alloy may migrate and segregate in a certain range, form a segregation state that can affect the melt density and form a carbon atom micro group(cheap silicon carbide grit manufacturers pakistan).

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