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The size of the sealing sleeve is larger than that of the product, after some time, because the brown fused alumina 60 grit blank body shrinks correspondingly during firing. The level shall be used to calibrate the sealing sleeve, and the metal accessories shall be fixed accurately with clamps before being filled with gypsum solution. The slurry formed 6 ~ 7mm in 10min, and the black oxide aluminum thickness of the whole body was uniform.

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For the large-scale mold of white fused alumina reinforced metal, the gypsum with initial setting time of no less than 5min and final setting time of no less than 25min shall be used. The compressive strength and tensile strength of gypsum mold shall not be less than 7.0Mpa and 1.0MPa respectively. A small amount of pulp waste liquid shall be introduced into gypsum solution. When the required thickness is reached, the glass beads supplier excess mud will be poured out.

This method is mainly used to manufacture large-scale and complex products. After injection, the white aluminum oxide grouting model with sealing sleeve is removed after solidification. Therefore, the sealing sleeve and the model should be separated carefully first, and the sealing sleeve should be pressed out evenly and slowly. As shown in the figure, after the slurry is injected into the gypsum mold, the shape of the steel grid blank body is formed in the mold cavity.

To use the white corundum model, first check whether the number and size of the model are consistent with the product requirements, whether there is damage and hard block on the working surface, then use No.1 and No.2 wood sand skins to wipe off a thin layer of mold turning agent (such as soapy water) on the working surface evenly, blow off the gypsum dust, brown fused alumina suppliers and then apply a layer of talcum powder or graphite powder as the molding release agent.

Apply a layer of vaseline oil to the grouting port of the pink corundum gypsum mold and the part that does not need to be grouted, so as to prevent the mud channel from being blocked. Only when everything is ready can mud be injected into the model. Hollow pouring is the most basic pouring method in production, arc fused alumina which is characterized by that the gypsum mold does not have any core, so it is also called single-sided pouring or single-sided slurry suction.

The dried layer thickens at the same time in each part of the mold cavity. This black corundum pouring method is characterized by one or several cores in the gypsum mold cavity to form the inner surface of the injection part, so it is also called double-sided pouring or double-sided slurry suction, as shown in Figure 4-11. During mud injection, two gypsum surfaces (core and cavity) absorb mud at the same time, and determine the fused alumina shape of the injection part.

If the combined model is used, it must be fixed and placed stably to prevent slurry leakage during white alumina pouring. The internal and external geometry of the blank body formed in this way is basically the same. The board is poured in a metal reinforced plaster mold in a vacuum chamber. Compared with the silicon carbide companies calcined at 1550 ℃, the slurry had a higher density, easy to deform, forming the inner wall of the product.

Because the shape of the green carborundum product is complex and the wall is thick, if other grouting methods are used, the pouring time will be very long. With the solid pouring method, the water content of the slurry is absorbed by two gypsum surfaces, so the grouting time can be shortened. The injection parts of hollow and solid grouting methods are not dense enough, drying and firing shrinkage are large, brown fused alumina price making the size of products difficult to control.

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