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In the process of mining operation, with the advancement of mining, the mining preparation of each process is also promoted, and loaders often assist in mining preparation(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). When production is required in rainy or foggy weather, the mining technician must first patrol the site and confirm that the safe operation conditions are met before issuing the production order.

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When compounding, the thickness of the covered humus soil is 0.3-0.5m, which should be determined according to the actual conditions of the mining area(white aluminum oxide). We must adhere to fixed-point and quantitative mining and abide by the principle of "both rich and poor"(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). Bauxite whose ore body thickness is less than 0.5m(glass bead abrasive). The technician on duty shall arrange to drive the equipment back to the designated place or park it in the stope. 

Clarify the layout and requirements of the stope's temporary road and mining face in the mining design(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media). It is not advisable to build a small isolated ore body with a small amount of mining roads. Daily loader front loading process: level out the mining and loading face with mining equipment on the mining face, and then carry out mining(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). The thickness of the ore bed is less than 4.0m, and the inclination angle is not limited.

With this kind of technology, the backhoe must be dug to the bottom of the ore body at one time(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). According to the stripping construction drawings and the technicians to the site to confess, clarify the land acquisition boundary, the ore body boundary, and clarify the operation sequence, operation method and dumping scope(black corundum). Large and small equipment can not mine, only the residual ore body that can be mined manually(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). 

The technician shall specify the project re submission time according to the project reclamation plan(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). Familiar with the design drawings of the planned stripping stope(150 grit aluminum oxide). Use its own floor clay to be appropriately loosened and leveled by a bulldozer to straighten out the slope and cover with humus, so that fast-growing forest or perennial gramineous plants can be planted between the ground ridges for slope protection. 

Confirm that all risk factors of quality stripping operations have been eliminated or preventive measures have been taken(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media). According to the monthly divestiture plan, the Quality Technology Office clarifies the timing of the stope divestiture. The Quality Technology Office arranges the construction team to carry out the stripping work according to the equipment, weather, mining operation and stope conditions(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). 

Familiar with the design drawings of the planned stope(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). The technician clarifies the working time according to the adoption plan(pink aluminum oxide). Confirm that the removal and compensation procedures for crops, buildings, structures, graves, etc. within the scope of the divestiture are complete and there is no dispute(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The technician arranges accurate mining work according to the staffing, equipment, weather, mining operation and stope conditions. 

According to the design requirements of the mining process, the working face of the mining level is leveled, and the working platform is pushed out with the mining equipment at the mining end. According to the design and on-site disclosure, adopt corresponding processes and operation methods for stripping(aluminum oxide blasting grit). For the non-stripping area, the vegetation and pumice stone should be cleaned manually in principle(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). 

The stripping operations should be strictly controlled within the land acquisition boundary, and special attention should be paid to the protection of the land acquisition boundary piles during the stripping process, and they should not be damaged or landfilled(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). Clarify the monthly divestiture plan of the mine(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). Large-scale equipment is inconvenient to mine, and only small-scale equipment can be used to mine bauxite. 

Reclamation areas where the slope of the non-stone tooth floor is greater than 18% are reclaimed as Type III vegetation areas (steep slopes). Use its own bottom clay, use a bulldozer to properly loosen and level it, and straighten out the slope according to the natural terrain, but do not cover the humus soil(70 grit aluminum oxide). Such steep slopes are reclaimed with bottom clay, and only vegetation can be planted to restore vegetation(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel).

The adjustment of the working surface shall be uniformly arranged by the technical office(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). According to the actual situation of each stoping process, reasonably match equipment and arrange mining(alumina grit). According to the principle of "unified planning, source control and combination of protection", and according to the characteristics of the construction project, the design requirements of compound scheme are adopted in the plan(aluminium oxide blasting media). 

According to the design requirements, the facilities to be reserved in the stripping site shall not be stripped(sponge media abrasive). According to the fluctuation of the roof of the ore body, the stripping depth shall be flexibly controlled without over stripping. Retaining walls are built at different parts with different heights of 3m or 2.5m(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). The ore body of limestone or mixed floor is mined using the "bulldozer-hydraulic backhoe" process. 

For the working face to be blasted, the blasting operation channel and rock drilling platform shall be built or the rock drilling operation face shall be cleaned(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). Conduct disclosure on site to clarify the reclamation scope and the adopted reclamation process and method(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). If limestone is exposed in the stripping area, it should be avoided if it is stone teeth, and removed outside the ore body boundary if it is pumice(garnet blasting media).

It is suggested that in order to prevent and control the water and soil loss during the construction and operation of the project and reduce the impact on the downstream and surrounding areas, a variety of measures are proposed in the main project design, water and soil conservation scheme and land reclamation scheme for comprehensive treatment(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). Be familiar with the design drawings of the planned reclamation stope(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive).

Take the prevention and control measures in the reclamation scheme, design and build retaining walls in each mining area, and design intercepting ditches, field roads, production roads, drainage ditches, agricultural ditches, etc. in the open pit and tailings pond(180 grit aluminum oxide). The on duty technician of the quality technology office shall arrange and implement the mining preparation operation according to the production needs(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel).

Arrange the project reclamation construction according to the equipment, weather and mining operation site conditions(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). The 3M high retaining wall has a top width of 0.8m, a bottom width of 2.0m and a height of 3.5m (foundation of 0.5m); The 2.5m high retaining wall has a top width of 0.8m, a bottom width of 1.8m and a height of 3.0m (foundation of 0.5m). Define the monthly reclamation plan of the mine(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). 

Some places in each mining area have steep terrain after mining, so retaining walls should be built to prevent collapse(brown aluminum oxide). According to the design and on-site disclosure, the corresponding process and operation mode shall be adopted for the re blasting construction of the project(cheap silicon carbide grit suppliers israel). After the blasting is completed, and the boundary between the stripping area and the non-striping area, the leveling operation shall be carried out after the safety confirmation of the site(steel shot abrasive). 

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