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Different shapes of abrasives have different sharpness and crushing resistance, as well as different bulk density and hydrophilicity(arc fused alumina). The specific gravity of an object is the weight of a substance per unit volume. For abrasives, because there is a gap between the abrasives, the gap must be removed to measure the true specific gravity of the abrasives(black silicon carbide suppliers), which is called "true specific gravity".

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The true specific gravity of the abrasive can be calculated by measuring the weight of the abrasive in the air(white fused alumina), the weight in the liquid and the specific gravity of the liquid. Microhardness is a kind of hardness value, which is obtained by using a special instrument to press a sharp corner of a pyramid diamond with an angle of 136 ° ± 1 into the abrasive particles(pink aluminum oxide), and then using a precision microscope to observe the dent area.

The true specific gravity is determined according to Archimedes' theorem(white aluminum oxide). The crushing property of abrasive, usually called toughness or strength, refers to the degree of difficulty of grinding under the action of external forces (such as grinding). Easy to break, small toughness, low strength, hard to break, high toughness, high strength(fused alumina). If the percentage of original particle size abrasive is large, with high toughness value and good strength.

The abrasives must have appropriate crushing property, that is, under the action of certain external force, they should not break(white corundum), so that when grinding, the combination of cutting edge and binder can be maintained, so that the abrasives have grinding ability, which is one of them. The smaller the dent area, the higher the hardness. Therefore, they directly affect the bond with binder and the manufacturing and performance of abrasives.

When the external force exceeds a certain limit(brown fused aluminum oxide), that is to say, after the original cutting edge becomes blunt, the abrasive must be broken again to produce a new cutting edge to continue grinding, which is the second. In the single particle test, the breaking strength of abrasive is shown as the breaking strength of abrasive; in the multi-particle test(black oxide aluminum), it is shown as the particle size distribution after the abrasive is broken.

Different materials, different chemical compositions and different fragility of azoxystrobin(white aluminium oxide). The shape of abrasives also affects their fragility. Its toughness and strength can be improved by calcination. The fine abrasive particles occupy a certain position in the first place, while the coarse abrasive particles adhere to it, which is expressed in kilogram / millimeter, forming the overlap of the abrasive layer(glass beads supplier). This will be covered in abrasive handling. 

Generally speaking, the toughness of corundum is better than silicon carbide, brown corundum is better than white corundum, and black silicon carbide is better than green silicon carbide. The shape of the isomorphic abrasives is regular, hard to break, with good toughness and high strength(silicon carbide companies), while the sword shaped and flake shaped abrasives are easy to be broken by alkali, with poor toughness and low strength.

The performance before grinding is that the force on each abrasive particle is even during grinding(black aluminum oxide), so that the grinding force is not concentrated on part of the curtain particles and the surface is worn prematurely, resulting in uneven wear and reduced service life. Because of the poor adhesion of the upper abrasive particles(brown fused alumina grit), it is easy to fall off during grinding, it is difficult to break, which also reduces its grinding effectiveness.

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