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Cheap Silicon Carbide Grit Wholesale Price Brazil

In the process of production, it should be subject to several factors as follows: high temperature molten iron flowing and slag strong impact and erosion(brown fused alumina price). Chemical erosion of blast furnace slag. Severe thermal shock damage of intermittent tapping(green carborundum). Therefore, it is required that the lining should have the following characteristics: high temperature resistance, slag erosion and erosion resistance, excellent high temperature resistance and wear resistance.

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bottom brick and wall brick. It has good thermal shock resistance and little change of reburning(white fused alumina). Strong resistance to all kinds of oxidation. Easy to dry construction, easy to remove and repair, no harmful gas, conducive to environmental protection. It also uses magnesia chrome spinel, refractory clay, coke grain, asphalt and pulp waste liquid to make unburned brick masonry ditch bottom non working village(black oxide aluminum), and then uses the same material to pound the working lining.

When these two methods are used, the residual lining of the cast iron trench can not be removed, and the original trench lining can be fully used(white alumina), so as to reduce the consumption of refractory materials and improve the working conditions of soil application. According to the different parts used, the materials used in the foreign large-scale blast furnace taphole can be divided into(silicon carbide companies): corundum silicon carbide carbon system material is used in the main channel.

In the application method, in addition to spraying and vibrating, vibration forming or pouring forming method is also adopted(white aluminum oxide). Different countries choose different refractory materials, structural forms, construction methods and construction methods of trench lining(glass beads supplier). In addition, asphalt and clay are used as binder, carbon is used as matrix lining, and crushed coke, silicon carbide and alumina are added to prepare ramming materials, which can directly ramme iron trench.

For example, the use of carbon bricks to build the bottom village(black corundum), and then clay, asphalt, broken coke powder and other water into the slurry, or use silicon carbide 48%, Shi Jing 10%, fireclay 30% and foam resin and so on into the slurry, the use of smear construction method in the carbon brick bottom lining with 70~100mm protective layer(arc fused alumina). The hot metal branch ditch is made of high alumina clinker silicon carbide carbon system material.

In order to prolong the service life of the cast iron trench(white corundum), some countries attach great importance to the selection of refractory spray coating made of high aluminum silicon carbide, alumina silicon carbide carbon, mullite silicon carbide and other materials. The effect of the spraying method is very good(garnet abrasive). The mix proportion is as follows: 60kg of crushed coke less than 3.8mm, 135kg of fire-resistant clay, 135kg of coal tar pitch with softening point of 163 ℃ and 26kg of water.

The chemical erosion resistance of high temperature slag is very strong(pink corundum). The large blocks of carbon brick are divided into two types: In order to prevent the oxidation of carbon brick, the irregular refractory material is generally used as the protective layer after the completion of the cast ditch with carbon brick(fused alumina). For example, the blast furnace trench of Bethlehem iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is constructed by carbon transfer and protected by fire-resistant coating material.

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