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Cheap Silicon Carbide Grit Wholesale Price South Korea

The aluminum hydroxide slurry obtained by seed decomposition needs to be separated to obtain the required aluminum hydroxide and seed mother liquor(120 grit aluminum oxide). Most of the aluminum hydroxide obtained after separation is used as crystal seed without washing and return process, and the rest is used to recover alumina and sodium oxide attached to aluminum hydroxide and then become aluminum hydroxide finished product(silicon carbide 180 grit).

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The physical properties of sand alumina mainly depend on the control of seed process(white fused alumina). In order to separate aluminum hydroxide from mother liquor, different methods, such as sedimentation or filtration, can be used. The sedimentation method can be used if the material slurry solid ratio is large, and the filtration method can be used if the liquid solid ratio is small(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). As the solid ratio of the slurry affects the filtration efficiency, in general, aluminum hydroxide slurry is concentrated first.

Let V, V2 V. It is the speed of a single step(white aluminum oxide). If these processes happen in parallel, the speed of the whole process is faster than that of any single process. The seed mother liquor is returned to the process for reuse. It is another key process of alumina production by Bayer process(steel grid). The technical and economic indexes to measure the efficiency of seed separation process are seed decomposition rate, unit capacity of decomposition tank and the quality of Al (OH) 3. 

If the molecular ratio at point D is the same as that at point a, the composition of the solution can return to point a by evaporation(white corundum). The main technical and economic indicators are: aluminum hydroxide washing water volume, material slurry solid ratio, finished aluminum hydroxide moisture content, filter capacity, etc(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). In addition to the general chemical kinetics term, the velocity equation must also include the term representing the mass transfer speed.

If the solid reactant is porous, there is still pore diffusion mass transfer of the fluid reactant(garnet suppliers). Therefore, heterogeneous reaction is much more complex than homogeneous reaction. It not only needs to study the chemical reaction speed, but also needs to study the physical migration phenomenon(100 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, the difference between heterogeneous reaction and homogeneous reaction lies in the complexity of the velocity equation, and then filtered and separated.

The total speed is as follows: due to the complexity of liquid-solid reaction(glass bead blasting media suppliers), the establishment of liquid-solid reaction model must consider the following factors: whether the solid is porous or nonporous at the beginning; whether the reaction forms the attached solid product layer(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit); If there is a solid product layer, it is porous or dense; the volume occupied by the solid product layer is increased or decreased compared with the volume of solid reactant.

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