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At this time, the different motion mechanism of polymer shows different mechanical state in macroscopic(pink corundum). Therefore, since the movement of polymer depends on time, the movement behavior with too long relaxation time under our daily time scale can not be shown(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). Gradually increase the temperature, repeat the above experiment, observe the change of deformation with the temperature, and the resulting curve is called temperature deformation curve or thermomechanical curve.

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In the lower temperature range, the deformation of the material is very small, showing a higher modulus(black corundum). When the temperature is raised further, the deformation of the material increases again. Due to the short loosening time, and the corresponding temperature is called the flow temperature or viscous flow temperature(fused alumina), expressed in T. in the glassy state, the deformation can be restored almost immediately after the external force is removed.

This mechanical state is called glassy state(white alumina). When the temperature is further raised, the deformation is significantly increased, and the mechanical state of the material changes, and the relatively stable deformation is achieved in the following temperature range(arc fused alumina). At this time, the material becomes soft and elastic, and large deformation can occur under the action of external force The deformation is easy to recover after the external force is removed.

Finally, the temperature shape of the complete ester amorphous polymer changes to the critical fluid viscosity flow state(brown fused alumina price). It can be seen that the mechanical behaviors of the amorphous materials vary with the temperature. With the increase of the temperature, there are three kinds of mechanical states: glass state, high elastic state and viscous flow state(silicon carbide companies). There are two corresponding changes. Therefore, due to the effect of cross-linking point, the relative motion between the chains is limited.

The transition between the glassy state and the high elastic state is called the glass transition(brown aluminium oxide), and the corresponding transition temperature is called the glass transition temperature or the glass transition temperature for short, expressed in t: the transition from the high elastic state to the viscous flow state is called the flow transition or viscous flow transition, due to the low temperature(green carborundum), the molecular movement amount is It is difficult to overcome the rotating barrier in the main chain.

This kind of mechanical state is called high elastic state(brown fused alumina). In other words, this mechanical property of glass state is called general elasticity or Hooke elasticity. At this time, the chain segment motion caused by the cooperative action of the internal rotation of many main chain chemical bonds is in the frozen state. Roughly speaking, only the movement of smaller motion units such as bond length(synthetic corundum price), bond angle, side base, small chain segment and so on can take place.

At this time, the movement relaxation time of large moving units such as chain segment is far beyond the time range of experimental test, and the mechanical properties of this movement can not be observed(brown aluminum oxide). After the glass state is stressed, the polymer material only has a small deformation, and the apparent mechanical properties are similar to the small glass, and the size of the deformation is directly proportional to the size of the external force(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media).

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