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At present, the bulk ultra-fine powder still mainly relies on green silicon carbide mechanical grinding. The commonly used ultra-fine grinding equipment include: autogenous mill, air flow mill, high-speed mechanical impact mill, vibration mill, mixing mill (including various sand mills, tower mills, etc.), colloid mill (including homogenizer, etc.), ball mill, Raymond mill, etc. Mechanical grinding is generally used to produce garnet abrasive powders larger than 1 um.

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It has been widely used since ancient times that the white fused alumina massive materials are mechanically crushed into powder. The structure is that the compressed air produced by the air compressor is ejected from the nozzle, and the powders collide with each other in the jet air stream and are crushed. It has been studied that Al2O3 ultrafine powder with do less than 1um can be prepared by air circulation system on the basis of emery abrasive general air flow comminution method.

Its main features are that it can produce ultra-fine powder that other pulverizers can't; the white aluminum oxide particle size distribution of the crushed material is uniform; the crushed material can be obtained in an instant; because the powder is completed by the collision between materials, there is almost no abrasion of the main body and mixing of foreign matters; there is no driving part, synthetic corundum easy maintenance and cleaning, and it can be crushed in N2, CO2 and inert atmosphere.

The average particle size of a-Al2O3 is 0.43 ~ 0.89um. The white corundum raw materials are put into the crusher from the feed hopper, accelerated to the ultrasonic speed by the venturi nozzle, leading to the inside of the crusher; in the grinding belt formed by the fluid ejected from the grinding nozzle inside the crusher, the particles of the materials collide with each other, friction and smash to form micro powder. The connection of the whole pink corundum equipment is shown in figure 3-43. 

The main equipment is supersonic air flow pulverizer, brown fused alumina price and the auxiliary equipment includes air compressor and freeze dryer. When the machine is started, feed the raw materials evenly into the air flow mill at a certain speed. After feeding, connect the feed pipe and discharge pipe together and open the valve. After a certain time cycle, the material is taken out from the feeder, and the black silicon carbide particle size is analyzed by the laser particle size analyzer.

This kind of air flow mill has the advantages of high production efficiency, no pollution to the environment, high purity, white alumina fine particles and no agglomeration. When preparing aal2o3 ultrafine powder, the best level is 1.0MPa intake pressure, 0.4MPa feed pressure and 1.5h cycle time. The air flow mill developed in Germany can suspend and self collide the powder less than 0.088mm into ultrafine powder, so it can produce aluminum oxide abrasive products of no more than 44pm, with an average particle size of 1-4um.

It is an ideal ultra-fine grinding equipment. The development trend of black corundum mechanical comminution technology is to improve the process technology on the basis of existing technology, develop high-efficiency and low consumption ultrafine comminution equipment, fine classification equipment and supporting auxiliary process equipment, expand the particle size limit of mechanical comminution, improve the aluminum oxide grit processing capacity, and form scale efficiency.

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