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Cheap Silicon Carbide Grit Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

In general, the stenting is not required during drying, but for some high-grade special products, the stenting must be set and dried during scraping and drying(pink aluminum oxide). One side sizing is generally to scrape a layer of starch (or sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium alginate, etc.) on the trademark side of the fabric(wholesale brown fused alumina). In addition, the method is simple and suitable for making animal glue dry abrasive cloth.

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The sizing of fabric can be divided into single side sizing and double side sizing(white fused alumina). But in order to make the original cloth treated well, it is necessary to use double-sided sizing and sizing on the front to avoid the large amount of primer and compound being absorbed by the fabric, so as to increase the cohesiveness of adhesive and sand planting(glass beads supplier). Starch - animal glue, animal glue - starch and so on can be selected as the front size.

For R / R type coated abrasives, starch - animal glue, starch - animal glue - filler, polyvinyl alcohol - filler can be used as the back slurry(brown fused aluminum oxide); there is a ironing machine, animal glue can be used as the front slurry, and the animal glue coating can make the resin have a certain amount of penetration(green carborundum). In addition, polyvinyl acetal, alkyd resin, animal glue, amino resin, phenolic resin and polyvinyl acetate emulsion can also be used.

The size of the viscosity of the size also affects the distribution of the size outside and inside the fabric(white aluminum oxide). Here we should pay attention to the selection of a good size, so as not to affect the adhesion of the sand layer to the substrate, can be used as the front slurry(fused alumina). For R / g and g / G type coated abrasives, starch clay, starch animal glue, starch animal glue and starch can be selected as the back slurry(i.e. the back side). 

The number of rollers varies from 2 to 10, which are soft and hard(white aluminium oxide). The front size can also be filled with phenolic resin, which has greater adhesion and strength to the sand layer. For R / r products of man-made fiber cloth, starch animal glue material cannot be used, but resin rubber type must be used, such as phenolic resin rubber latex, etc.(silicon carbide companies), and rubber paste can also be used for those with high softness requirements.

For the waterproof coated abrasives, in order to ensure the good water resistance of the matrix, phenolic resin acrylic resin mineral filler can be used as the back slurry, phenolic resin rubber latex, epoxy resin, etc(white corundum). Calendering is to press the fabric under wet and hot conditions, flatten the surface of the fabric and flatten the yarn, so as to stretch and form a certain luster(black oxide aluminum). Calendering is required before and after sizing.

The calendering before sizing is called pre calendering, which is to make the fabric flat, crisp and enhance the sizing effect(black aluminum oxide). There are three functions of calendering after sizing: one is flatness, straightness and luster; the other is to extrude the size film and fabric to be firm; the third is to stretch and set the shape and reduce the elongation(arc fused alumina). Calendering is carried out on a calender. Calender is mainly composed of re selected rollers.

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