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Magnesia brick is a kind of basic refractory material(green carborundum), which uses more than 87% sintered magnesia as raw material, in which periclase is the main crystal phase and silicate is the combination. Ordinary magnesia brick is mainly used in the walls and bottoms of flat and electric furnaces for steelmaking(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Yb / t5010-93 divides magnesia alumina brick for open hearth furnace into ml-80a and ml-80b.

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It is required to have good slag resistance(brown fused alumina). Because its matrix binding component is mainly CMS-MS system, its load softening temperature is not high and its thermal shock resistance is poor, so its application range is relatively narrow. Some important properties of magnesia brick mainly depend on the characteristics of raw materials(pink corundum), the mineral composition and microstructure formed in the products, and are closely related to the densification of the products.

Magnesia brick and magnesia silica brick are divided into mz-91, mz89, mz-87 and mgz-824 brands according to their physical and chemical indexes(brown fused alumina price). The higher the density of the brick, the lower the porosity and the smaller the diameter of the porosity, the stronger the resistance to slag erosion(garnet suppliers). Magnesia silica brick is mainly composed of periclase and MAS. Its main characteristics are high load softening temperature and good slag resistance. 

The solid combination between grains is conducive to improving the high-temperature mechanical strength of products, so the load softening temperature of products is correspondingly increased(brown aluminum oxide). In addition to replacing ordinary magnesia brick, magnesia silica brick is mainly used in the upper lattice brick of open hearth regenerator. Ma is a high melting point mineral between periclase grains(garnet abrasive). It is easy to form a direct combination of m-mam and periclase grains.

Magnesia alumina brick is a kind of magnesia product with the main crystal phase of periclase and the main matrix component of Ma(white alumina), which is to improve the thermal shock resistance and high temperature mechanical strength of magnesia brick, so that it can be used in the top of open hearth furnace and other important parts to meet the needs of strengthening smelting(steel grid). The main raw material for magnesia brick is high silica magnesite which contains 5% ~ 11% SiO2.

The reasons are as follows: both MgO spinel and MgO are equiaxed, they have isotropic linear thermal expansion characteristics(brown aluminium oxide), and their coefficient of linear expansion is small (0.86 × 105), resulting in smaller internal stress; the solubility of MF in Ma is higher than that in Mg(emery abrasive), and MF can almost dissolve into Ma, thus improving the high temperature plasticity of products; The elastic die plate (about 1 / 3 of ordinary magnesia brick) of the agent product is reduced.

Because of the above excellent properties(black corundum), magnesia alumina brick has been widely used as the masonry material for the top of high temperature furnaces such as open hearth furnace and reverberatory furnace in our company. The service life of large-scale open hearth furnace is about 800, and that of medium and small-scale open hearth furnace is more than 1000(silicon carbide companies), which has played a role in prolonging the service life of furnace.

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