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It is very important to notify the trough controller of aluminum before tapping, otherwise the trough controller will regard the voltage change during tapping as the arrival of rigid pole effect or abnormal voltage, which may cause undesired automatic use during tapping(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa); and After the aluminum tapping is finished, the anode will not automatically drop when the cell voltage is high(silicon carbide grit suppliers).

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If necessary, use the preheated carbon to fish out the carbon and pour it into the carbon slag box(80 grit aluminum oxide). The suction accuracy is required to be +50-10kg (the difference between the actual output and the indicated volume), and the upper electrolyte volume is 5g per cell(green silicon carbide powder). After the aluminum is drawn, the package should be cleaned while it is hot (the electrolyte is easy to be released under the hot state) to ensure the specified number of days of use(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa).

Fill in the operation records(black aluminum oxide), calculate the actual output of each tank and the amount of electrolyte (the difference between the weight of the bag after the aluminum is cleared and the weight of the bag before the aluminum, and then divide by the number of aluminum tanks on duty), and the actual output of each tank The amount of aluminum should be sent to the computer room in time for the preparation of daily reports(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa).

Operate the exhaust air volume conversion valve (increase the exhaust air volume of the electrolysis cell)(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa), open the outlet furnace door, fully phosphorous heat tools, pay attention to the flying storage of electrolyte, operate the aluminum tapping cylinder control valve(alumina grit), open the tap hole, and tap the aluminum The safety precautions are similar to those for pole changing(night shift does not exceed 24 o'clock). 

After the anode effect lasts for a period of time(black silicon carbide powder), the slot controller automatically starts the effect processing program for AEB (effect processing)(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). The effect coefficient of the pre-groove for timing center cutting is generally set to be relatively high, mostly around 1.0/day(150 grit aluminum oxide). At this time, if there is a fault, or no shelling or blanking, report to the chief operator in time after the extinguishing effect and contact for treatment.

When the voltage is too low or too high(alumina abrasive), it shall be adjusted to the set voltage and tracked for half an hour(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). No matter which explanation mechanism, there is a reason for the decrease of alumina concentration (production planting <2%). and the tank controller will automatically drop the anode after a certain period of time after the aluminum is automatically judged, restore the tank voltage to the normal range(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), and then automatically switch to the normal control. 

The anode effect is a special phenomenon that occurs on the anode in the process of molten salt electrolysis(white fused alumina). Therefore, if the lead fails halfway, the aluminum tap should manually reduce the voltage to normal. Instead, after the aluminum is notified, the control machine automatically judges the beginning and the end of the aluminum based on the significant change in the tank voltage after the lead notification(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa).

Excessive absorption of electrolyte also seriously damages the technical conditions of the tank(high purity fused aluminum oxide), rapidly increases the weight of the ladle, and can also block the forehearth of the casting and holding furnace, and increase the volume of the holding furnace(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). Before sucking out the lower pipe, the depth of the aluminum water in the trough should be grasped(46 grit aluminum oxide), and the nozzle must be lowered into the aluminum water layer.

If there is voltage swing, the sink team leader shall deal with it and make records(steel grid). In addition, environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent, so the effect coefficient is greatly reduced(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). However, the effect coefficient of pre-cultivation in my country is controlled at around Q3 depending on the combustion, and extinguishing the anode effect is still one of the main operations on site(60 grit aluminum oxide).

At the same time, the falling anode often causes the phenomenon of electrolyte spewing out from the flame hole to burn the tank cover and press out the electrolyte(brown fused alumina). Therefore, our country does not use the automatic extinguishing effect function, and still adopts the artificial extinguishing effect(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). The artificial extinguishing effect of large-scale center cutting pre-incubation adopts the method of inserting wooden sticks.

Clean the crusts, carbon slag and bottom protection sediment falling into the electrolyte with carbon slag iron(100 grit aluminum oxide), expose the electrolyte liquid level, check the extension and bottom protection lowering, and the open aluminum outlet shall be larger than the diameter of the suction pipe(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). No manual or automatic voltage adjustment shall be carried out during aluminum production(but an alarm for abnormal voltage will be issued)(30 grit aluminum oxide). 

The essence is that the wooden rod is inserted into the high-temperature electrolyte to produce bubbles(glass bead blasting media suppliers), drive away the gas stagnant layer on the bottom surface of the anode, and make the anode clean again and return to normal work, provided that the alumina concentration in the electrolyte should be increased to the normal range first(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). When the effect indicator is off, run to the auxiliary excavator to see if the voltage is normal.

According to the anode effect indication and communication broadcast(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive), confirm the effect cell number, take 2 ~ 3 effect wood rods from the effect wood rod frame and put them on the large surface of the drying place, and observe whether the effect indicator light is on Whether the slot control box is in automatic state and whether the voltage is normal, and observe the state of the effect(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). The cleaned out electrolyte should be added to the tank in time.

In the past, the foreman used to use the central blanking pre culture tank in the timed blanking mode(garnet suppliers), which can eliminate the precipitation at the furnace bottom and clean the electrolyte solution through the effect, and master and adjust the amount of lead oxide added to the electrolytic tank, but if it is too deep, the upper precipitation will block the suction pipe(180 grit aluminum oxide). Plant all feeders and shell and blanking at the same time(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa).

The program is equipped with anode effect monitoring and automatic effect feeding, and some systems are also equipped with automatic extinguishing function(white aluminum oxide 12 mesh). However, the success rate of the falling anode automatic quenching effect method used in the automatic quenching program is not high (0 ~ 80%)(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). Return to the lead outlet end, take out the effect wood rod and put it into the waste effect wood rod stacking place.

Various types of intelligent control technologies developed today can better control the oxidation concentration(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). The electrolytic plant is equipped with anode effect reward device (bell, voice, indicator light and other audible and visual alarms), and the computer-controlled tank is adopted(garnet abrasive). If the voltage is lower than 4.00v, press the "rising anode" key several times to raise the voltage to the set voltage value. 

Cover the cover plate(pink aluminum oxide), switch the exhaust air volume valve to the low air volume position, clean with a broom, quickly rush to the electrolytic sleeve controller where the anode effect occurs, put the tools on the tool rack and make records(240 grit aluminum oxide). The control point of operation quality is the duration of anode effect(cheap silicon carbide powder suppliers usa). Most of them record the slot number and disposal in the operation log and report to relevant personnel.

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