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Cheap Synthetic Corundum Wholesale Price Canada

Especially for the turbine blades, the efficiency of sand blasting is very high, the cost is high, and the material hardness is too strong, brown fused alumina price which will cause the performance damage of the blades, so the cleaning cost is large. It can enhance the wear resistance and impact resistance of concrete floor. Wear resistant materials are used in high-tech fields such as green carborundum information technology, biotechnology, energy technology and national defense construction.

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The characteristics of wear-resistant materials are: the basic particles of brown fused aluminium oxide abrasives are concentrated, the cutting force is strong, the toughness is large, the hardness and softness are combined, and the wear-resistant property is good. 3-5mm, 1-3mm, 1-2mm and 0.4-1mm sections of sand are used to lay the sharp turns and steep slopes of wear-resistant and anti-skid road surface, bridge deck and parking lot, aluminum oxide grit which are used as the wear-resistant aggregate of plastic floor.(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price canada)

According to the performance of wear-resistant materials, with the gradual understanding of the performance of brown aluminum oxide abrasives, we are trying to apply it in polishing and grinding other fields, such as polishing stainless steel, ordinary steel, bamboo, wood, glass and other workpieces, polishing the bottom surface of metal parts before electroplating, ideal silicon carbide companies abrasives for copper aluminum products and stainless steel polishing, which are suitable for bicycle sewing machine fans, clock parts and hardware.

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price canada)Good durability, better impact resistance, and anti-static has a certain effect. The polishing of tools is also suitable for making abrasive cloth, sandpaper, etc. When abrasives such as brown corundum and white corundum are used to polish stainless steel, the color of the surface of the polished stainless steel is inconsistent. In some places, there will be dark and discolored hair, while the color of the surface of the polished stainless steel with black corundum is uniform, showing the uniform blue color of stainless steel.

In the late 1970s, domestic production began. Stainless steel has been widely used because of its high wear resistance, white fused alumina price unique strength, excellent corrosion resistance and not easy to rust. In precision parts, food machinery, mechanical and electrical industry, home appliance industry and home decoration, fine decoration industry has been widely popularized and promoted. The black fused alumina application and development prospect of stainless steel will be better and better.(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price canada)

The brown fused alumina problems in the past treatment methods are that scratches are hard to remove, pickling and passivation treatment, uniform and uniform treatment effect is difficult to achieve for workpieces with large area, scratches caused by human factors are serious, and pickling treatment has serious environmental pollution. It has good wear-resistant and anti-skid performance, and has a high cost performance advantage compared with the corundum white original use of high-grade aggregate. 

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price canada)F14-f1000 silicon carbide abrasive products are commonly used for grinding and polishing of various workpieces, especially stainless steel workpieces. F14-f80 is often used for sand blasting to remove rust and impurities on the surface of the workpiece; black corundum f80-f320 grain size sand is often bonded on the cloth wheel to grind and polish the workpiece, or made into a fiber polishing wheel for polishing; f320-f1000 is commonly used for making polishing wax, resin grinding block and other black aluminium oxide abrasives to fine polish the workpiece.

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