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Cheap Synthetic Corundum Wholesale Price Ecuador

The market share of white corundum is increasing. The main abrasives are divided into two categories, corundum and silicon carbide. Due to their special characteristics, silicon carbide has become the king of abrasives. Silicon carbide is divided into many types, the hardness of white fused aluminium oxide is higher than that of corundum abrasive, the cutting edge is sharp, and the brittleness.

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Good thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation, better self-sharpening performance than aluminum oxide abrasive. Suitable for ceramics, resin, rubber wheels, refractory processing and manufacturing. Grinding of gray cast iron, white cast iron, bronze, brass, ore, aggregate, glass, leather, rubber, plastic and heat-sensitive materials. white aluminum oxide abrasive is also suitable for sand blasting, dry grinding, free grinding and cutting and shaping of jewelry, jade, and agate products.

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price ecuador)Huanhe aluminum oxide grit abrasive has improved the economic benefits a lot, so it is an economic project for the future development of refractory materials. Abrasives are used to grind and process materials. At present, the general classification is two types: ordinary abrasives and super-hard abrasives. Silicon carbide is an important component among them. Silicon carbide resin grinding stones are formed by mixing and consolidating silicon carbide abrasives with resin.

It is useful for brown fused alumina pressing phenolic resins, and after mixing with liquid resins, it can be cast. Silicon carbide is commonly called silicon carbide, which is generally made by mixing electricity with silica and coke. The silicon carbide component is SiC, and it appears green, black, and yellow due to impurities. It is mainly used for precision grinding. The pink aluminium oxide characteristics of pressing are good durability and good wettability during grinding.(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price ecuador)

Especially when processing marble, the lightness of grinding is good and the efficiency is relatively high, but the synthetic corundum cost is relatively high. It is mainly used for fine grinding. Size number, phenolic grinding stone is easy to be colored when grinding light-colored stone, which is the main reason that it cannot be widely used. The grinding stone cast with very fine black aluminum oxide media powder and other materials mixed with resin is the main method used in the polishing of granite, terrazzo, and concrete.

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price ecuador)Ceramic grindstone is made of silicon carbide abrasive and glassy material and sintered at high temperature. It is characterized by good durability, but it is easy to block, and the phenomenon of grinding and slipping occurs, and the cost is high. It is now used less. In summary, silicon carbide has an irreplaceable position in the abrasive, so we must understand and value it. According to color, it is divided into two categories: green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide.

The SiC content is ≥99% and 98.5%, respectively. brown aluminum oxide is a covalent bond compound with strong interatomic bonding force, high melting point and high hardness. , High strength and low expansion, high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, strong chemical stability, so it is a good refractory material. However, in an oxidizing atmosphere, emery abrasive is easily oxidized, and the oxidation can be slowed down only when a SiO2 protective film is formed.

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