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Cheap Synthetic Corundum Wholesale Price Germany

Sintered corundum abrasive tool is a kind of aluminium oxide sandblasting microcrystalline polymer which is formed by mixing the ground alumina powder with a small amount of additives and sintering at high temperature. It is known from this that no binder is used for sintered corundum abrasives, mainly the sintering of aluminium oxide abrasive grit itself, and a small amount of additives play the role of sintering aids (mineralizers).

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For the sintering of alumina powder, the driving force of the sintering process is the excess surface energy of the white corundum powder. Because the powder has high surface energy, it tends to develop to the lowest energy state. However, this driving force is very small, and sintering cannot be carried out automatically. High temperature must be applied to the powder in order to change the powder into sinter. The sintering of fused aluminum oxide powder is mainly realized by diffusion and mass transfer process.(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price germany)

The sintering process is mainly determined by the activity, black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit particle size, sintering temperature and time, additives, molding density and other factors. If the calcination temperature of alumina powder is appropriate, the activity of alumina powder is large and the particle size is fine, which will promote the sintering, shorten the sintering time and reduce the sintering temperature. Generally, the higher the sintering temperature, the higher the sintering rate and the shorter the black synthetic corundum sintering time.

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price germany)For example, Cr2O3 is added to Al2O3. Sintering can be completed at a higher temperature and in a shorter time, or white fused alumina at a lower temperature and in a longer time. However, it should be noted that sintering temperature and time are the important factors that easily lead to abnormal growth of crystal and affect the properties of products. The aluminium oxide blasting grit additives can form solid solution with sintering phase to promote the increase of defects and accelerate sintering.

It can form continuous interstellar solution, cause lattice distortion, black alumina increase the activity of Al2O3, and promote sintering. When the amount of Cr2O3 is increased to 2%, the growth of Al2O3 crystal can also be inhibited, which has a positive effect on the densification of sinter. In addition, the addition of MgF2 or MgO can prevent grain growth and prevent secondary recrystallization during Al2O3 sintering, artificial corundum which has a significant effect on the densification of the sinter.(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price germany)

Generally speaking, the powder density is large, the white aluminum oxide particles contact closely, and the diffusion resistance is reduced during sintering, which is beneficial to sintering. But we should choose a reasonable molding density, because the excessive molding density is limited by the equipment and mold, and the influence of molding density on densification is not obvious after reaching a certain degree. Generally, there is no difference in aluminum oxide blasting abrasive grain size, hardness and bond between these abrasives.

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price germany)It can be seen from the above sintering mechanism of Al2O3 that as long as proper additives and corundum white processes are used, sintered corundum abrasives with high hardness, high strength and compact structure can be obtained. However, in order to obtain porous sintered aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit, porous materials such as aluminum chloride (AlCl3) need to be added, which can be volatilized at high temperature and leave uniform pores in the abrasives.

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