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Cheap Synthetic Corundum Wholesale Price USA

As 150 grit aluminum oxide raw materials for resin abrasives, in addition to abrasives, resins and hardeners, in order to improve certain properties of the bonding agent or abrasives (such as strength, hardness, heat resistance, electrical conductivity, surface quality, etc.), reduce costs and 220 grit aluminum oxide improve manufacturing Process and processing technology, etc., sometimes need to add an appropriate amount of auxiliary materials.

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Fillers are also called fillers. 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media used to improve the heat resistance of abrasive tools, Such as graphite powder, asbestos powder, clay powder, quartz powder, iron oxide, vermiculite, etc. Such as benzene, xylene, acetone, cycloethyl ketone for epoxy resin, ethanol, no damage to the bonding agent; acetone for 180 grit aluminum oxide phenol resin. In addition, there are low-molecular-weight polyamides, polyesters, and liquid glues.

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price usa)Auxiliary materials are mainly fillers, wetting agents, plasticizers, diluents, coupling agents and so on. The white fused alumina requirements for the wetting agent are: the looseness of the molding material must be guaranteed, and it is not easy to agglomerate; it is basically non-toxic, does not irritate the human body, does not damage the strength of the resin, used to improve the porosity of 80 grit aluminum oxide, and is cheap and has sufficient sources.

The filler should have: it can meet some special performance requirements of white aluminum oxide tools, sufficient sources, convenient processing, low cost, basically non-toxic, easy to disperse when mixed. Common fillers are: used to improve the strength of abrasives, such as hemihydrate gypsum powder, cryolite, 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media powder, silicon carbide powder, feldspar powder, quartz powder, clay powder, glass fiber, nylon filament, asbestos fiber, etc.

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price usa)Used to improve the conductivity of white corundum tools, such as copper powder, silver powder, graphite powder, etc. used to promote the hardening of abrasive tools, such as calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, hemihydrate gypsum powder, etc. used to improve the polishing of fine grit aluminum oxide, such as molybdenum disulfide, graphite powder, cork powder, etc. there are Refined tea, salt, pumice, polyethylene hollow spheres, etc.

Used to improve grinding efficiency, such as cryolite powder, pyrite, sodium (potassium) fluorosilicate, olivine, white alumina powder oxides, sulfides, etc. When mixing powdered resin abrasive molding materials, the abrasive must be wetted with a wetting agent, and then the resin powder and auxiliary materials are added to the 240 grit aluminum oxide molding material, which is conducive to molding and maintains the strength of the blank.(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price usa)

The main wetting agents commonly used are: phenolic resin solution, 60 grit aluminum oxide furfural, furfuryl alcohol; auxiliary wetting agents are: ethanol, water, sugar water, motor oil, kerosene, etc. The plasticizer is added to the kit to reduce the glass transition temperature of the resin, increase fluidity, and improve the toughness of the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight. Commonly used is dibutyl phthalate, which is the best plasticizer for epoxy resins.

(cheap synthetic corundum wholesale price usa)Diluents are divided into two categories: one is an inactive diluent, commonly known as a solvent, 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media which does not contain active groups and does not participate in the hardening reaction of the binder. The other is a reactive diluent, which contains active groups, which can reduce the viscosity of the binding agent, 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media participate in the hardening reaction of the binding agent, and enter the resin network structure.

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