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Cheap White Alumina Grit Manufacturers Canada

First of all, aging time varies according to product capacity, voltage and electrical performance(brown fused aluminum oxide). For the products with high leakage current, the separated defective products can be re aged to repair the oxide film again. In the current aluminum shell production, it is cleaned in a closed special cleaning machine with freon(white aluminum oxide powder). The sleeve used for electrolytic capacitor is PVC heat shrinkable sleeve.

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Finally, the defective products with slightly larger TG ore can be placed for several days, and the electrolyte can penetrate into the micropores of the oxide film(glass beads manufacturers). At the same time, the lattice energy of the oxide film is gradually in the lowest energy state. On the macro level, TG6 is reduced to the minimum value, so the qualified products with Tg8 value can also be selected(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). Clean with 0.3% ~ 1% NaOH solution.

(cheap white alumina grit manufacturers canada)The purpose of lead wire cleaning is to remove the oil dirt and harmful pollution impurities on the lead surface(black aluminum oxide). The cleaning solution is heated to about 80 ℃, and the lead wire is put into slow washing for 10 ~ 16 seconds, and then it is quickly taken out(steel shot abrasive). One is washed in pure water, the other is boiled in boiling pure water for 3 minutes, specification, then fully washed with pure water, dehydrated and dried.

The cleaning time depends on the concentration of the washing solution and the dirty degree of the lead wire, and the tin coating of the lead wire shall not be damaged(aluminum oxide grit). Cleaning solution: 0.5% ammonium dihydrogen phosphate. Cleaning process: soak in boiling pure water for 1 minute, then put it into the cleaning solution for 1 minute, wash it with pure water for 0.5 hours(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), and dry it at about 100 ℃ for 2 hours.(cheap white alumina grit manufacturers canada)

Cleaning process(pink aluminum oxide): Boil pure water, put rubber stopper into boiling for 20 minutes, rinse in pure water, repeat the above steps 3 times, dehydrate and dry at 70 ~ 80 ℃ for 3 hours. The trademark, model, capacity error, dehydrate it, temperature group and production batch number of the product are printed on the surface of the PVC sleeve with special ink for capacitor by gravure printing(garnet abrasive price), fillers and additives.

(cheap white alumina grit manufacturers canada)Binder is the fluid component of oil, which plays a connecting role(green silicon carbide). It connects pigments and other solid powder materials in the oil to form paste colloid after grinding and dispersing, and is dried and fixed on the surface of the printed object after printing. The fillers include calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum whiteness and kaolin(aluminium oxide polishing powder). It is not soluble in water, oil or binder, with a certain color of solid powder.

It is not only the main solid component of the ink, but also the visible colored part printed on the object(black silicon carbide). Black pigments such as carbon black, graphite and aniline etc. White pigment such as drinking powder, zinc powder, etc. Ink is a uniform mechanical mixture composed of Colorants (such as pigments, dyes, etc.), binders(glass bead abrasive). At the same time, it is a paste like adhesive with a specific color and a certain fluidity.(cheap white alumina grit manufacturers canada)

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