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Cheap White Alumina Grit Producers Malaysia

The following measures can be taken to improve the preheating temperature(white fused alumina): reasonably and stably control the decomposition first temperature, increase the decomposition rate above 49%, ensure the production rate, and appropriately increase the seed fraction mother liquor AK(aluminum oxide abrasive); try to reduce the floating matter in the seed fraction mother liquor; when exceeding the standard, The amount of alkali to be evaporated should be stable and even.

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The pipe tax hot curtain is usually brewed once about 40 days(white aluminum oxide). The reference of liquid alkali supplement by evaporation every day is: timely switch the standby vertical plate or replace the damaged filter cloth and 0-ring, and strengthen the discharging times of the conical mother liquor tank; actual production / production days / 24(aluminum oxide grit); adjust according to the total amount of raw liquid, the variation amount of original liquid and buffer volume under special circumstances.

(cheap white alumina grit producers malaysia)The interest will be paid off(white corundum). In the production process, under non special circumstances, the digestion condenser does not need fire water, but uses red mud for recovery, so as to reduce the times and time of cleaning and flushing the ground in the workshop, supervise the maintenance and repair in time, repair the mechanical seal of string material in time(synthetic corundum), and take measures such as rainwater into the sewer to reduce the flow of raw water.

Each settlement tank should be planned to be cleaned to avoid long-time use by the garden leader(brown fused alumina price). It is also required that the fire water used in the workshop must be reported in advance and the consumption amount shall be counted in detail. According to the production demand of ore grinding(emery abrasive), the transported ore and lime are respectively safely put into the ore meeting and shiyouquan to meet the production requirements.(cheap white alumina grit producers malaysia)

Increase the temperature of liquid alkali prepared by evaporation(black aluminum oxide), reduce the amount of alkali properly according to the liquid volume to ensure the temperature of mother liquor entering the grinding cycle; judging from the whole process, calculate the volume of alkali supplement per hour by calculating the planned alkali consumption / 1000 / percentage concentration of supplementary liquid alkali / specific gravity of liquid alkali in the current month.

When dealing with Shenjie idea(pink aluminum oxide), we should wear labor protection and Zhouxiang, and at the end, we should not only have a flat surface, but also open the Xi Ting flow valve, so the protective measures should be comprehensive. In the dissolution process of rope clay ore, due to the complex multiphase reaction of the whole batch, which can be divided into two aspects(garnet abrasive): the bauxite's own leaching performance and the operation conditions of the digestion process.

(cheap white alumina grit producers malaysia)The reaction product aluminum stalk sodium can be stable in the reservoir with equal sodium water rate under a certain degree of difficulty and strength of carrying sodium(silicon carbide abrasive). The formation of sodium aluminate storage. The above is the reaction of dissolution process(garnet suppliers). The basic task of mengke Jie post is to solve the problem of the total influence of pipe type preheating and material exposure on heat extension and recovery.

The dissolution property of bauxite is the degree of difficulty and urgency to extract the alumina from the bauxite(green silicon carbide). In order to remove the cells in the pipeline, the equipment of weekly brewing and flowing will reasonably mix the wave sulfuric acid and water to form acid. When the L / S is less than 1.0, the flow performance is very poor(glass bead blasting media suppliers). If the original change depends on the micro repair, it will cause the end tube and further violate the essence.

In view of the whole process, the concentration of Na2O in aluminate dropping solution (i.e. hair dropping solution) after seed separation should not exceed 240g / L(black silicon carbide). If the alkalinity of mother liquor is required to be too high, the burden and difficulty in the evaporation process will inevitably increase(steel grid). Therefore, there are many factors affecting the digestion process, the alkali concentration of mother liquor should only be kept at the appropriate sound level.(cheap white alumina grit producers malaysia)

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