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Cheap White Alumina Grit Wholesale Suppliers Sweden

During use in the steel-making converter, the lining of the furnace is eroded by acid slag at the beginning of smelting(silicon carbide companies). The CaO activity in this synthetic sand is greater than MgO. First, it reacts with SiO2 in the slag to produce CaS or CGS with a high melting point and increases the viscosity of the slag. Prevent melting to erosion inside the brick lining(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Magnesium raw materials are: magnesite, seawater magnesium hydroxide, magnesium dolomite, etc.

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The microstructure of magnesia dolomite sand with Mg75% and CaO20%~25% shows that Calcite (CaO) is filled with fine crystal grains in the gap of the perovskite body(white fused alumina), similar to the most closely packed state, making it It has the characteristics of high temperature mechanical strength, high volume density and low porosity. At the same time(green carborundum), the reaction between the slag and the main crystal phase brucite is slowed down, and the service life of the lining is extended.(cheap white alumina grit wholesale suppliers sweden)

Magnesia dolomite sand is formulated according to the chemical composition requirements of the finished product, and is produced by a two-step roasting (or one-step calcination) process(white aluminum oxide). Calcium raw materials are: dolomite, slaked lime, etc. The two-stage calcined magnesia dolomite sand has high purity, high density, and high-temperature mechanical strength of the brick(arc fused alumina). There are three methods for producing industrial alumina: Bayer method, sintering method and combined method.

(cheap white alumina grit wholesale suppliers sweden)The mineral composition of ordinary magnesia-calcium sand is mainly periclase(brown fused aluminum oxide), followed by dicalcium silicate (C4S) and a small amount of tetracalcium iron aluminate (CAF), dicalcium ferrite (CAF), etc., which are dark brown blocks. Density 3.50g/cm, CaO/SiO2 is 2~3, contains A12O3<1%, no free calcium oxide(fused alumina). Therefore, the quality requirements of forsterite are MgO content greater than 50%, Fe2O3 content less than 6%, A12O3 less than 2%, CaO less than 1.5%.

CaO and SiO2 have been synthesized into high-melting mineral dicalcium silicate or tricalcium silicate(black aluminum oxide), A12O3 produces low-melting mineral CAF, which can affect the high-temperature mechanical properties of the brick, and its high-temperature load softening temperature decreases with the increase of the A12O3 content in the brick(black oxide aluminum). When used to press bricks, in order to prevent hydration, an anhydrous binder must be used.(cheap white alumina grit wholesale suppliers sweden)

Although magnesia-calcium sand has much higher calcium content than ordinary magnesia brick sand, but because there is no free CaO(pink aluminum oxide), the brick making process is the same as that of ordinary magnesia bricks, and sulfite pulp waste liquid can still be used as a binding agent. When using pulverized coal fuel, the content of A12O3 should be strictly controlled(glass beads supplier). The technical requirements of magnesia-calcium sand are: MgO>80%, CaO, 6%~10%, A12O3<1%, CaO/SiO2 is 2~3.

(cheap white alumina grit wholesale suppliers sweden)Magnesia silica refers to magnesia with SiO2 content exceeding 5%(silicon carbide price). It is a calcined alkaline refractory raw material. Magnesia silica sand is made of high-silica magnesite (SiO2<3.5%, CaO<1.0%, MgO>44%) after high temperature calcination. It is a yellow-brown block with a density of 3.51 to 3.53 g/cm(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The mineral composition is mainly perovskite, followed by magnesia (2MgO·SiO2, M-S melting point 1890℃). Magnesia dolomite sand is a semi-stable alkaline refractory material.

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