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Cheap White Alumina Powder Manufacturers Ireland

In the production process of sintered arc fused alumina, the industrial alumina is usually pre burned to convert y-al2o3 into a-Al2O3, and then finely ground, pelletized and fired at high temperature, commonly known as two-step process; the industrial alumina, i.e. y-al2o3, is also directly ground, pelletized and fired at high temperature in one-step process to produce sintered fused alumina. In addition, bauxite is used as raw material to produce sintered corundum.

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The production processes of sintered white fused alumina vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they all conform to the following basic production processes: Therefore, it is necessary to consider the impurity content of industrial alumina, as well as the impact of crushing, molding, sintering and other properties on the quality of final sintered black oxide aluminum, so as to consider the coordination of raw material performance and production process, and refractory materials are rarely used.

(cheap white alumina powder manufacturers ireland)Industrial alumina is a porous spherical aggregate. According to the different raw materials of sintered white aluminum oxide, it can be divided into bauxite sintered corundum and alumina sintered corundum. The main raw material of bauxite sintered corundum is bauxite with high quality, which is generally selected for calcination, crushing, wet ball milling, molding and high temperature calcination. Bauxite sintered corundum is mainly used in green carborundum industry.

Alumina sintered pink corundum is made of industrial alumina and sintered at high temperature. Secondly, according to the quality requirements of sintered corundum products and the production process conditions of the factory, the physical and chemical indexes of industrial alumina must be strictly regulated. The special refractory factory will wet grind the industrial glass beads supplier. However, the cost of the product will be increased by adding a process to the calcination of industrial alumina.(cheap white alumina powder manufacturers ireland)

For example, the SiO2 content of sintered black corundum used to produce high-purity and low silicon corundum brick should be less than 0.5%, so the SiO2 content of industrial alumina used to produce this kind of sintered corundum must be very low. If the removal of Na2O cannot be guaranteed in the process of producing sintered silicon carbide price, the industrial alumina with low Na2O content must be selected as the raw material of sintered corundum.

(cheap white alumina powder manufacturers ireland)Due to the different methods of producing industrial brown fused alumina price, the performance of industrial alumina is also different. The important condition of alumina sintering is to achieve the dispersion of single crystal size, so the ultrafine grinding of alumina is the basis for the preparation of sintered corundum clinker. Under the condition of large-scale production, choosing an ideal grinding aid can control the fineness and particle size of industrial garnet suppliers.

It is difficult to destroy this kind of porous aggregate structure when it is comminuted by dry method. The calcined industrial white corundum is easy to be crushed, and the best way to sinter corundum is to use alumina with a-Al2O3 fine crystal as raw material, so the production process of sintered corundum generally adopts the two-step method of grinding after pre firing of industrial alumina. After wet grinding, the silicon carbide companies material with average particle size less than 7m can be obtained.

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