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Cheap White Alumina Powder Manufacturers South Africa

white corundumpolishing sand is made of high-quality white corundum by using modern unique technology. white corundum polishing sand has the advantages of short grinding time, high efficiency, good efficiency and low price. white fused alumina price polishing sand has the advantages of moderate hardness, high toughness, good self sharpening, low sand consumption, recycling, good surface finish, stable chemical composition, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

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The white aluminum oxide has a shell like fracture with sharp edges and corners, which can form new edges and edges in continuous grinding and grading, making its grinding ability superior to other abrasives. In particular, it has the advantages of high hardness, high specific gravity, stable chemical properties and unique self sharpening, etc., which makes it the first choice for the brown fused aluminium oxide process abrasive; at the same time, it is also the ideal material for polishing, derusting and cleaning the workpiece, and grinding and polishing.

(cheap white alumina powder manufacturers south africa)Brown corundum polishing sand is mainly used for decontamination, welding slag removal and matte effect on stainless steel surface, rust removal, decontamination and deoxidization of iron workpiece, increasing adhesion of coating and coating, oxide removal of aluminum workpiece, surface strengthening and polishing effect, matte effect of oxide removal of copper workpiece, black aluminum oxide media crystal grinding and pattern cutting of glass products, matte effect of plastic products (hardwood products), denim, etc.

The beneficial effect of the sintering process is that the sintering process is used to replace the electric melting process to prepare the white fused alumina. The brown corundum produced by the sintering process does not contain carbon residue, has high mechanical strength, does not pulverize, does not burst, and has excellent service performance. At the same time, the pink aluminium oxide power consumption is greatly reduced (the power consumption is reduced by nearly 90%).

(cheap white alumina powder manufacturers south africa)Although the sintering process is long and the cost of industrial alumina is high, the comprehensive cost is still lower than the production cost of fused alumina (about 500 yuan per ton), so it can completely replace fused alumina in refractory industry. In addition, the performance index of sintered pink alumina prepared by the method of the invention is shown in Table 1, and the specific detection method is shown in the national standard GB / t3043-2000. 

The indexes of sintered black aluminium oxide and fused brown corundum are almost the same, but the Ti02 and carbon content of sintered brown corundum are significantly lower than that of fused brown corundum, and the carbon content of sintered brown corundum is zero. The comprehensive production cost of sintered white aluminum oxide abrasive is only 70% of that of fused brown corundum, so the former is better than the latter. Special fabric, plush processing and effect pattern.(cheap white alumina powder manufacturers south africa)

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