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Cheap White Alumina Powder Suppliers Germany

One is to lift the cooled 180 grit aluminum oxide melting block to the anvil base of the crushing yard, use electromagnet to absorb the steel ball to a certain height, and then cut off the power to make the steel ball fall from the air and smash the melting block. The other is to use a lifting tool to directly lift the whole steel shot abrasive block to a certain height, and then fall on the anvil and break it.

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After the black corundum block is crushed, the blocks of different sizes can be obtained, which can meet the processing requirements of the next process. They can be sorted manually on the spot, and the oversized blocks need to be sorted after reprocessing. Dumping method for crushing: remove the impurities on the surface of corundum in the receiving bag, and use the bridge crane to turn the glass beads manufacturers melting block into the turning plate.(cheap white alumina powder suppliers germany)

Water for cooling, remove the pink corundum sintered fine powder at the bottom of the bag, then use the electromagnetic chuck to absorb the ferrosilicon alloy, and use the drop hammer to break the large pieces. Hang it on the six square screen, and then use the falling hammer or sledgehammer to break the large pieces that fail to pass, so that they all pass the six square screen. Transport the fragments to the silo, commonly known as sub garnet abrasive price

(cheap white alumina powder suppliers germany)After crushing, the material block shall be subject to chemical analysis, and the material block with high impurity shall be selected. Replacing dense fused corundum and fused white corundum to make slide plate, corundum brick, wear-resistant castable, etc., all have the same effect as using dense corundum and black silicon carbide. It is required to separate the crushed blocks and meet the requirements of crushing equipment in the next process.

As we all know, in general, the reduction degree of smelting white fused alumina is about 98% of iron oxide, 90% of silicon oxide and 50% of titanium oxide. Calcium oxide and magnesium oxide can not be reduced basically. The high impurity content of brown corundum will seriously affect the performance of refractory products. Due to the high price and lack of sources of industrial alumina, it is difficult to meet the needs of industrial glass bead abrasive for refractories.(cheap white alumina powder suppliers germany)

Two methods are generally used in the fragmentation of frit. Using sub white aluminum oxide instead of dense corundum to prepare the castable for the iron channel, it is used in the main channel of large blast furnace of Shanghai Baosteel, which is equivalent to the level of the iron channel material prepared by dense fused corundum in the same period. The production cost of sub green silicon carbide is only 36.6% of that of fused dense corundum.

(cheap white alumina powder suppliers germany)In recent years, Luoyang Refractory Research Institute of Sinosteel group and other units, brown fused alumina price using the rich bauxite in China, smelt the gray corundum with Al2O3 no less than 98.5% by reduction method. Therefore, the development of sub white corundum not only solves the situation that the supply of industrial silicon carbide abrasive is in short supply, but also develops a unique new way to produce high purity corundum by direct electrofusion of high alumina in China.

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