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Cheap White Alumina Powder Suppliers Malaysia

Therefore, it is widely used in rough grinding processes in steel, automobile bearings, low density white alumina chemical machinery, construction and other industries. Resin is a high molecular compound, which has certain toughness and elastic deformation, can buffer the grinding pressure, so the 100 grit aluminum oxide white grinding effect is good, it has a good polishing effect, and it can improve the surface processing quality of the workpiece.

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Resin bond has higher bonding strength than ceramic bond, and the manufactured white fused alumina has higher mechanical strength than ceramic abrasive. Can be used at higher speeds, can withstand larger grinding pressure, and is relatively safe to operate. Resin grinding tools have a short production cycle, simple equipment, low investment, fast capital turnover, high production efficiency, and brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers are conducive to professional production.(cheap white alumina powder suppliers malaysia)

With the emergence of new resins in succession, white fused alumina manufacturer resin abrasive tools of various strengths and properties can be made, which can be used for rough grinding, rough grinding, cutting, semi-fine grinding. The resin bonding agent has a low hardening temperature and a small shrinkage, and can be made into a variety of complex shapes and special requirements. From the brown fused alumina oxide perspective of output, it ranks first in various resin abrasive tools.

(cheap white alumina powder suppliers malaysia)Such as ammonium-shaped grinding wheel, high-speed cutting blade with mesh cloth. The resin binder has low heat resistance, and white fused alumina suppliers is easy to carbonize when heated during the grinding process, which promotes the dulling of the abrasive particles to automatically fall off, reducing the heat in the wholesale brown fused alumina grinding area and avoiding workpiece burns; therefore, It is more suitable for surface grinding, but the wear is greater than ceramic grinding tools.

General resin abrasives have poor alkali and water resistance and white aluminum oxide cannot be stored for a long time. In the case of alkaline substances, the resin structure degrades, affecting the strength and hardness of the abrasive tool. In addition, resin grinding tools are expensive and the production environment is poor. The rough grinding wheel is mainly used in the iron and steel industry for the grinding of steel ingots, as well as the white aluminum oxide abrasive surface cleaning of various castings.

It is widely used in grinding processing industries such as automobiles, PVA grinding wheels, epoxy honing wheels, and new sharp brown fused aluminium oxide particles fall, tractors and bearings. Its outstanding feature is: billets and steel plates, using surface grinding technology. High-speed cutting blades are developed on the basis of ordinary cutting blades according to the requirements of the grinding process, fine grinding, polishing and other white fused aluminium oxide tools.(cheap white alumina powder suppliers malaysia)

The use speed is 70 ~ 80m / s. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good impact resistance and white fused alumina price bending resistance. At present, it has developed from cutting small metal materials to cutting large-size steel and steel plates. The specifications of grinding wheels are increasing, and the output is increasing, which is second only to rough grinding wheels. There are many specifications of the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit product, and the use speed is 60 ~ 80m / s.

(cheap white alumina powder suppliers malaysia)It can be made into white corundum tools with different shapes such as atmospheric hole grinding wheels and slotted grinding wheels, which greatly improves the grinding performance of the grinding wheels. In addition, there are some resin grinding wheels (such as graphite mirror grinding wheels, electrolytic grinding wheels, etc. ) Is also widely used in various industries, brown fused alumina suppliers replacing ceramic wheels and rubber wheels to varying degrees.

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