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Cheap White Aluminium Oxide Grains Suppliers Vietnam

For the groove with large algal density, the processing width shall not be less than 4mm(glass beads manufacturers), and for the groove or round hole with large dry depth, the width or radius shall not be less than 1.5 times of the depth. Moreover, it is being paid more and more attention by engineering and technical departments(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). Chemical corrosion is also widely used to reduce the wall thickness of pipes.

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It can be seen from these limitations that chemical etching can not process the vertical side of the machined edge(pink corundum), and can only produce an arc shape with a radius similar to the corrosion depth. The suitable corrosion width of the chemical groove should be 4mm, plus two times or a little deeper corrosion depth(low sodium white fused alumina), the maximum depth of the chemical corrosion groove should be about 12mm.(cheap white aluminium oxide grains suppliers vietnam)

Even if the groove area is large, the anti-corrosion layer film with the width of about 12mm will hang out as long as the grid edge(black corundum), which will inevitably lead to bubble accumulation and make the four sides of the concave fine edge out There are uneven quality defects. Although some new anticorrosive coatings can maintain enough softness(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). It can not process the hole shape that the latter two methods can.

When the corrosion depth reaches a certain depth(white fused alumina), it is impossible to completely eliminate the effect caused by bubble accumulation even if the parts are moved or the solution is stirred greatly. For example, when the inner diameter of the pipe is less than 12mm, the irregular shape will be processed due to the influence of bubbles(white aluminium oxide super fine), full flow of corrosive agent and other factors, the bubbles can escape immediately.(cheap white aluminium oxide grains suppliers vietnam)

It is a simple but time-consuming method(white aluminum oxide), that is, after every 2mm of etching, the parts are taken out from the corrosive agent, and the overhanging anti-corrosion layer film is removed along the corrosion processing edge with a knife carefully(steel shot abrasive). When adding 1, the method of immersing the pipe into the corrosive agent is usually adopted to remove the metal from the inner and outer diameters at the same time.

(cheap white aluminium oxide grains suppliers vietnam)However, for the deep corrosion groove, the most effective way to overcome this shortcoming is to remove the metal only from the inner surface of the pipe(white corundum). The control of this precision can be guaranteed to a certain extent by testing, selecting the most suitable corrosive agent for a certain metal and the most suitable corrosion conditions(glass bead abrasive). The hole with straight throat can be drilled by selecting appropriate process method.

In order to obtain satisfactory processing effect, the inner diameter of the pipe should not be less than a certain limit size(brown fused alumina price). Another limitation of chemical etching is drilling by chemical etching. Chemical etching drilling is different from mechanical drilling and electrolytic drilling(garnet abrasive price). Because electrolytic drilling is not using corrosive agent, it is to drill through very hard material through a straight pipe which is equivalent to the drill bit.(cheap white aluminium oxide grains suppliers vietnam)

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