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Cheap White Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Brazil

Most of the raw materials used in refractories must be burnt before making bricks(silicon carbide companies). The material needs to go through three zones in the shaft kiln: pre tropical zone, smoke burning zone and cooling zone. Generally, the inclination of the vibrating screen is L5 ° ~ 20 °, and the maximum inclination is not more than 25 °(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The main dimensions of kiln body include effective height, inner diameter and height diameter ratio.

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The working principle of the rotary kiln is that some of the refractory mineral raw materials contain water(arc fused alumina), some exist in the form of carbonate in nature, so they release water or discharge carbon dioxide when heated, accompanied by large volume changes. Some of the raw materials change their crystal morphology when heated, and the crystal grows up, at this time, there will also be large volume changes(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). But the multi-layer screening process is complex.

In order to avoid the volume change of the products in the process of burning or using, resulting in the damage of the masonry, these raw materials need to be heated(fused alumina). The main equipment for burning refractory raw materials are shaft kiln and rotary kiln. Vertical calling is composed of kiln body, charging and discharging device, ventilation equipment, etc(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Shaft kilns can be generally classified according to the types of calcinates and fuels used, as well as the air supply mode and mechanization level.

According to the different types of calcinations(white fused alumina), it can be divided into clay shaft kiln (calcination temperature 1300-1400 ℃), dolomite shaft kiln (winding temperature 1600-1650 ℃), lime shaft kiln (calcination temperature 1200-1300 ℃), magnesia shaft kiln (calcination temperature 1600-1650() and high aluminum shaft kiln (calcination temperature 1450-1650c), etc.(fine grit aluminum oxide); the shell shall have sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure the straightness and roundness of axis during installation and operation.

According to the type of fuel used(brown fused alumina price), it can be divided into solid fuel shaft kiln (with coke and especially bituminous coal as fuel), liquid fuel shaft kiln (with heavy oil as fuel) and gas fuel tight kiln (with coke oven gas, mixed gas and natural gas as fuel), etc.; the shaft kiln works according to the principle of countercurrent heat transfer(180 grit aluminum oxide). The raw material flows with the hot gas relatively. The raw material falls from the top and the gas rises from the bottom.

According to the different ways of air supply(silicon carbide price), it can be divided into forced draft shaft kiln (air blower is used to blow air into the kiln and strengthen the calcination process) and natural draft shaft kiln (the gas flow in the kiln is mainly operated by the natural extraction of the shaft kiln itself); according to the different degree of mechanization(100 grit aluminum oxide media), it can be divided into manual charging vertical kiln and mechanized shaft kiln (from charging to discharging completely mechanized).

In the pre heating zone, the raw materials are preheated by the heat of flue gas(green carborundum); in the calcining zone, the raw materials are calcined by the heat released by fuel combustion; in the cooling zone, the calcined raw materials are heat exchanged with the cooling air blown in, the raw materials are cooled, and the air is heated and then enters the calcining zone for combustion aid(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The waste gas is discharged to the atmosphere from the chimney on the kiln top.

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