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Causes of abnormal noise of air compressor: the connecting rod bush is seriously worn(arc fused alumina), the connecting rod bush is seriously worn, the main shaft is seriously worn or damaged; the air compressor does not supply oil immediately after the air compressor is running, resulting in abnormal noise of air compressor due to metal dry friction(pink aluminium oxide); the fixed bolt is loose; the fastening gear nut is loose, resulting in excessive backlash.

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Check the inlet pressure of the lubricating oil and whether the oil pipeline is damaged or blocked(garnet abrasive price). If the pressure is insufficient, adjust, clean and replace the failed pipeline immediately. Check the oil quality and impurity content of the lubricating oil. If it exceeds the standard, replace it immediately(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). Check whether the air compressor supplies oil. If there is no oil supply, conduct a comprehensive inspection immediately.

(cheap white aluminium oxide grit suppliers uae)Check whether the fixing bolts of the air compressor are loose and tighten, which is helpful to alleviate the abnormal noise of the air compressor(fused alumina). The low outlet pressure of air compressor has a great influence on electrolytic production, which is mainly reflected in the weakness of electrolytic cell shelling and the failure of aluminum production(carborundum grit suppliers); there are foreign matters on the piston top; the air compressor has abnormal noise.

The gear driven air compressor of the air compressor should also check whether the gear is loose or whether the gear is installed and matched. If the nut is loose, tighten the nut(silicon carbide price). If there is a problem with the matching, it should be replaced. The removal of foreign matters is helpful to alleviate the abnormal noise of air compressor(silicon carbide abrasive powder). Check the wear of bearing and replace it. The outlet pressure of air compressor is too low, resulting in impact sound.(cheap white aluminium oxide grit suppliers uae)

In the daily operation of the air compressor, the air compressor will overheat due to the long-time overload operation of the air compressor(black oxide aluminum); at the same time, the connecting rod bolt is loose, there will be the overheat fault phenomenon that the exhaust temperature of the air compressor is too high and the operating parts are hot(black silicon carbide powder). So we should find out the reason in production and resume production. The air inlet is blocked or the air filter is blocked.

(cheap white aluminium oxide grit suppliers uae)Remove the intake valve or exhaust valve for maintenance, or replace the repair kit(green carborundum); if the transmitter fails, replace it with a new one, remove the air filter for maintenance, if the filter is blocked, replace it with a new one. The reason analysis of the low outlet pressure of air compressor shows that the gas consumption is too large on site(brown fused alumina grit); the valve opening is not enough due to the failure of inlet valve or exhaust valve, resulting in abnormal noise of air compressor.

The causes of air compressor motor current is too high(glass beads supplier): the ambient temperature is too high; the three-phase voltage is unstable, under phase, the voltage is too low (less than 10%); the motor bearing lubrication is not good or the bearing is damaged; the motor insulation is poor or the wiring is loose; The bearing is abnormal(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Causes and treatment of overheating; the pressure transmitter is faulty and the air filter is blocked.(cheap white aluminium oxide grit suppliers uae)

Therefore, the highest principle of choosing air compressor from the perspective of energy efficiency is to choose large rather than small(silicon carbide companies). However, judging from various aspects, the selection of large air compressor is also affected by the following factors: the limitation of power system, the first thing to consider is the application voltage(steel shot abrasive). Low voltage system (common 380 ~ 460 volts) is not suitable for using air compressor above 600HP.

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