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Cheap White Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer Belgium

The use of white corundum in abrasive dry cleaning, when the equipment is in normal operation, the abrasive enters the main machine from the feed port, the dust and water mixed in silicon carbide particles and adhered on the surface are taken away by the air flow, so the 100 grit aluminum oxide white products produced will not produce dust and sawdust after visual inspection, and the clean particles will be discharged from the feed port Out.

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When the ash layer on the surface of the filter cartridge is thick, the brown fused alumina price controller opens the injection system to blow down the dust on the outer surface of the filter cartridge into the dust collection room, the abrasive is fully dispersed due to the impact and friction of air flow, and then the dust is discharged by the brown fused alumina oxide discharge valve. If it is less than 1% to 1.3%, it will appear gray white color. The clean gas is discharged from the air outlet.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer belgium)

This machine is composed of two fans, one is a blower and the other is an induced draft fan. white fused alumina can be used by users first of all, we need to consider its cleanliness. In the production process of abrasives, we need to use wooden tools, which will inevitably produce some sawdust. After this treatment, the wholesale brown fused alumina product cleanliness is above 98%, sawdust can be significantly reduced, and it is difficult to find impurities inside with the naked eye.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer belgium)When the black corundum material enters the dry cleaner, we need to adjust the blower to the appropriate air volume, so as to make the material jump up and down inside the machine bin, and separate the fine dust in the product from the wood chips in the material by the friction and collision between the materials. Why does the white aluminum oxide abrasive appear red? Because it contains 1.5% to 3.8% TiO2, most of the dust is collected in the cyclone, which will affect the color of the abrasive. 

We can also use the rear induced draft fan to introduce the dust and sawdust with lighter materials and smaller white aluminum oxide particles into the dedusting equipment, and the cleanliness can reach more than 98%, which can completely meet the requirements of foreign customers. Dust enters the cyclone first with the air flow, and a small amount of white fused aluminium oxide fine powder enters the filter cartridge with the air flow, and is blocked on the outer surface of the filter cartridge.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer belgium)

How can we avoid this situation? We can use high-power dry cleaning machine to clean f54 rough products. It is an ideal environment-friendly pink corundum sandblasting material, widely used in aluminum profile, copper profile glass, washing jeans precision mold and other fields. Resin abrasive tools have suitable color, good hardness, toughness, suitable particle cross-section type and edge retention, brown aluminum oxide 250 grit which are applied to resin abrasive tools with ideal effect.

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