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Cheap White Aluminium Oxide Manufacturer Brazil

Man made fiber is a new development of coated abrasives. Man made fibers mainly include nylon, polyester, glass fiber, etc. Nylon cloth has high strength, white corundum which is used to make abrasive belt. Polyester cloth is mainly used to make heavy duty black aluminium oxide belt. After the cotton cloth is selected, the original cloth shall be treated. 

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The white aluminum oxide 120 grit purpose of the original cloth treatment is to improve the adhesion between the front of the cotton cloth and the rubber sand layer, that is, to fill the cloth holes to prevent the base glue and the compound glue from permeating into the matrix; to ensure that the rubber coated sand planting is even, so that the matrix is set, pink alumina soft and hard. Sizing is the key process of raw cloth treatment. natural, artificial and synthetic.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer brazil)The properties are moderate, reducing elasticity and elongation, improving tensile strength; the brown fused alumina grit matrix should have certain oil and water resistance, and improve the appearance quality of the matrix. Cotton cloth treatment includes inspection of the original cloth, scraping and singeing of the original cloth, removal of the cloth lint, desizing, dyeing, black silicon carbide factory sizing and calendering of the original cloth.

There are three types of binders for black silicon carbide suppliers: Natural adhesives include animal glue, shellac and other animal glue, starch, rosin and other plant substances. Man made adhesive is made by chemical modification of natural polymer compound. The main synthetic binders are phenolic resin and epoxy resin. The black fused alumina binders used for coating abrasives are animal glue, phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, alkyd resin, etc.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer brazil)

The binder consists of glue, solvent, curing agent, filler, toughening agent, preservative, colorant, etc. The aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh binder is the most important and basic component of the binder. The amount of binder accounts for more than 50% of the total amount of binder. It determines the chrome corundum chemical and physical properties of the binder. Solvent is the diluent and dissolving agent of rubber compound, such as water, acetone, xylene, ethanol, etc.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer brazil)Animal glue is a kind of glue which is made by white fused alumina processing and boiling the connective tissue of skin, bone, tendon and other large animals such as cattle and pigs. The shape is massive, flaky, granular or powdery. The relative density of gelatin was 1.368 (water content 15%) and 1.412 without water. Sizing can be divided into two ways: pink fused alumina scraping and soaking. Adhesive also known as adhesive, adhesive. 

Animal glue can be divided into skin glue and bone glue. Gelatin is the part with good quality extracted from the leather glue preparation process. The white aluminum oxide industry of Coated Abrasives mainly uses industrial gelatin, skin glue and bone glue. The pure amines are colorless and transparent, and the fused aluminium oxide industrial skin glue and bone glue are mostly yellowish or brownish yellow, which are semi transparent amorphous solids.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer brazil)

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