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The dried alumina pellets are continuously added into the kiln from the upper part, and the calcined green carborundum clinker pellets are continuously discharged from the lower part of the kiln. In the production process of corundum refractory products, from alumina raw materials to white aluminium oxide manufacturer refractory products, the total volume shrinkage is about 24%.

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At present, there are specifications of shaft kiln: 5-19m3, and output is 7000-50000t / A. The white fused alumina main technical measures to realize ultra-high temperature calcination without oxygen are to increase the temperature of secondary combustion supporting air and the high temperature system of the kiln. Therefore, if the shrinkage is small when fused alumina calcining clinker, the shrinkage will increase when the product is fired.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer russia)After the secondary air enters the kiln, the contact area with the white aluminum oxide material is large, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and the physical heat of the material is fully utilized. The shaft kiln calcines corundum clinker with less investment and quick effect. The utility coefficient of the kiln is large, the heat consumption is low, and the kiln can be continuously mechanized production, steel grid which has a bright future.

Before entering the calcination belt, the secondary air temperature can reach 1500 ℃. The fuel is directly sprayed on the hot white corundum material to form vaporization combustion with high combustion efficiency. With the addition of TiO2, the porosity of clinker calcined at 1300~1500 ℃ is greatly reduced and the density is increased, the black oxide aluminum production efficiency is high, which is close to that of clinker calcined at 1750 ℃ without TiO2.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer russia)

In order to ensure good ventilation in the kiln, it is strictly prohibited to put materials less than 10 mm into the kiln (equipped with screening equipment, brown fused alumina price and the screening materials are returned). Equipped with cone discharge machine, sealed discharge pipe, electric vibration discharge machine and brown fused aluminum oxide factory material control facilities. Ensure stable discharge and stable secondary air volume. Select the outflow materials.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer russia)The dispersion degree of alumina raw materials and the calcination temperature of sintered black corundum clinker can determine the basic properties, porosity and density of corundum clinker, which play a decisive role in the production process of corundum refractory products, mainly the firing temperature of arc fused alumina products and the basic properties of products. inner diameter is 650-1600mm, effective height is 9000-12000mm.

The shrinkage is basically completed in two steps, the first step is the shrinkage of calcined pink corundum clinker, and the second step is the shrinkage when the clinker is made into the brick. Therefore, if the alumina clinker with high porosity is used to make bricks, the porosity of silicon carbide companies products will be greatly reduced, and the shrinkage, density and strength of products will increase, effective volume is 3.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer russia)

In order to produce silicon carbide price refractory products with high density (porosity 10% ~ 16%) and density (porosity 16.1% ~ 20%) (sintering shrinkage 3.0% ~ 3.5%), high density sintered corundum clinker must be used. The clinker shall be calcined at 1750-1800 ℃ for 6-8h, or at 1900-1950 ℃ for 0.5-1.0h. The water absorption rate of the corundum clinker is less than 2.5%, the glass beads supplier porosity is 6.5% ~ 8.5%, and the density is 3.35 ~ 3.5g/cm3.

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