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The aluminium oxide 36 grit production practice shows that, without changing the binding dose, when the forming pressure is increased or decreased by 5.0mpa, the hardness of the abrasive tool is learned through the test. Under the same conditions, the amount of water glass is more than that of paste semen; the amount of paste semen with high concentration (high viscosity) is more than that with glass beads supplier low modulus and low density.

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When the hardness of the white corundum tool is fixed, the change range of the abrasive rate of the abrasive tool can reach 8% ~ 10% (i.e. 4 ~ 5 tissue numbers) by adjusting the amount of binder, the forming density or the forming pressure, but the change of the porosity is not significant, not easy to agglomerate, easy to spread, and the soft hardness is about 3%, The silicon carbide price hardness of hard grade is about 2%.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer uk)

In the ternary diagram of black corundum grain, binder and pore volume, the isohardness line is almost parallel to the isoporosity line, that is to say, with a certain hardness, the abrasive grain rate is reduced and the porosity is slightly increased. The structure of the constant pressure forming tool fluctuates greatly, generally up to 2 Organization numbers, but it also meets the green carborundum requirements of the standard organization number of the tool.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer uk)Increase molding density (increase molding pressure). In the case of normal black aluminum oxide blast media process fluctuation, the fixed mold forming can achieve the predetermined organization number by controlling the forming density. It can be seen that the hardness can be increased by 1 letter when the molding pressure is increased by 5.0mpa, in China's black oxide aluminum industry, while the binding dose is increased by 3.5%, it is relatively accurate. 

However, due to the influence of process factors (such as white fused alumina particle size composition, brown fused alumina price particle density, binder type, molding material ratio, billet thickness deviation, mold wear, shrinkage, firing process, etc.), only a certain range of fused alumina with organization number can be produced, which is impossible to achieve Accuracy. At present, the commonly used wetting agents are water, water glass, paste semen, etc.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer uk)

Generally, the organization number of the finished pink corundum tool is lower than that of the blank (formula design), and the change usually does not exceed 1 organization number (the change of abrasive rate is 1% ~ 2%). For the organization number (± 2% abrasive rate) specified in the standard. The organization number of the constant pressure forming silicon carbide companies grinding tool is due to the actual measurement of the test block after burning.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer uk)A certain amount of wetting agent is added into the white aluminum oxide molding material (pressing method) for the following purposes: first, to make the molding material wet and easy to mix; second, to make the molding body have a certain strength of wet and dry billets, which is convenient for handling or forming automation. The arc fused alumina forming material with good performance should be loose, and the strength of the green body after forming is high.

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