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The aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit main mechanical equipment includes furnace body, electrode controller, electrode lifting mechanism, smoke exhaust and dust removal system, feeding system, etc. The furnace structure of brown fused alumina manufacturer electric arc furnace can be divided into three types: block furnace, dump furnace and flow furnace. Characteristics of these three types of furnaces.

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The furnace body of the frit furnace includes furnace bottom, furnace shell and other parts. The black corundum furnace bottom is located between the furnace shell and the furnace car chassis to build the bottom lining and furnace bottom. The taper is 8 ° ~ 11 °. Lining is built in the shell of large and medium-sized electric arc furnaces, but not in small ones, instead of charging. The green carborundum furnace body above the furnace bottom is called furnace shell. 

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer usa)The detachable joint between furnace bottom and white fused alumina furnace shell is just at the bottom of furnace hearth, so that the bottom quality with bottom lining can be ignored in the hoisting of furnace exit, furnace car, and the hoisting quality and height of crane used in black oxide aluminum furnace exit and loading can be reduced. It is usually made of 16-31mm thick steel plate with small upper opening and large lower opening.

The bottom edge of the pink corundum furnace shell is welded with a supporting plate equal to the thickness of the furnace lining to support all carbon bricks and thermal insulation materials on the furnace wall. Reinforcing steel plate is welded between furnace shell and supporting plate. The whole furnace car is covered by arc fused alumina furnace bottom shell to prevent cooling water from permeating into furnace bottom insulation layer.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer usa) 

The outer edge of the white aluminum oxide contact between the furnace shell and the furnace bottom is provided with a water baffle to avoid water seepage into the furnace at the joint. The furnace car is composed of chassis, axle and wheel. Its function is to support and drag the whole furnace body. The furnace car chassis is a frame welded by channel steel. 14 ~ 20mm thick steel plate is paved on the top and axle cross beam is installed on the fused alumina bottom. 

The frit furnace can run on the rail, also known as the movable furnace. At the beginning of smelting, silicon carbide price pull the finished movable furnace to the predetermined furnace position. After smelting, the furnace car shall be pulled out of the furnace position for cooling, and another furnace car shall be replaced for the next smelting. The white fused alumina suppliers furnace body of the dumping furnace includes furnace bottom, furnace shell and dumping liquid tank, etc.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer usa)The furnace body below the cylindrical shell is called the white corundum furnace bottom. The supporting ring is equipped with a trunnion which can rotate the furnace body. A liquid outlet groove is arranged on the upper edge of the furnace shell which is perpendicular to the ear axis. Refractory furnace village is built inside the furnace shell. Compared with the spherical bottom, the glass beads supplier truncated cone bottom is easier to manufacture.

The outer wall of the silicon carbide companies furnace shell is cooled by water. It is made of 16 ~ 35mm thick steel plate, which is mainly used for laying the bottom lining and forming the molten pool containing corundum melt. The lower part of furnace bottom is made into spherical or truncated cone shape. The ball bottom ensures maximum strength. The ratio of chord length to radius of low density white alumina furnace bottom is in the range of 0.78 ~ 0.82.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturer usa)

Reinforcing bars welded with channel steel brown fused alumina price are used on the outside of furnace bottom. The furnace body at the upper part of furnace bottom is furnace shell. In order to increase the rigidity, vertical or horizontal rib plates can be welded on the furnace shell. The middle part of the furnace shell is provided with a square groove shaped support ring welded by 30mm thick steel plate, white fused alumina manufacturer with interlayer inside for cooling water.

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