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Cheap White Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers Germany

Although the chemical properties of paraffin wax are relatively stable, it will produce obvious oxidation when the heating temperature is higher than 140 ℃(white aluminum oxide powder). The indirect heating device of oil jacket (oil bath) is often used in the melting of resin based medium temperature molding materials in the investment mold manufacturing workshop(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). Wax based mold materials and resin-based mold materials are more commonly used.

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When the heating temperature of insect wax (Sichuan wax) and beeswax is above 140 ℃(aluminum oxide blasting media), the c-0 bond in the structure is easy to break and show obvious metamorphic tendency; When the rosin is heated above 150 ℃, the double bond in the rosin acid molecules is easily oxidized, which makes the rosin aging and metamorphosis, becomes more brittle and sticky, and further reduces the solubility with wax(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). No softening deformation occurs during heating.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturers germany)It has stable mechanical and physical properties below 100 ℃(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Urea has good fluidity in molten state and can fill the mold cavity without pressure. In the pressing process, the solidification speed is fast, the strength is high and the shrinkage rate is small. Therefore, the reasonable feeding sequence is: first add stearic acid and rosin, and then add paraffin after melting them(aluminium oxide 36 grit). Paste like mold material (wax paste) is used for pressure injection investment.

When melting the wax based mold material, in order to avoid the wax material being oxidized due to overheating during heating(aluminium oxide polishing powder), water jacket is usually used Heat or water bath heating method is used to heat the mold material. The heating medium in the oil jacket is heat-conducting oil. The melting temperature of resin based mold materials should not be too high, and should be controlled at no more than 90 ℃(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). Therefore, it can be formed by free casting.

The inner barrel is made of stainless steel mold material(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). The water in the water jacket is heated by the electric heating pipe. The melting temperature of wax based mold material is generally controlled at 80 ~ 90 ℃. The melting point of resin based mold materials and commodity series mold materials is generally higher than that of wax based mold materials(brown aluminum oxide blast media). Therefore, oil jacket (or oil bath) indirect heating method should be adopted.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturers germany)

Due to the low melting point and poor thermal conductivity of wax based die material(corundum sand), if direct heating is used to melt the mold material, the mold material close to the heat source is easy to be overheated locally. Therefore, the appropriate melting device should be selected according to different types of mold materia(aluminum oxide for sand blaster)l, and the highest heating point should be strictly controlled and the residence time in the high temperature area should be shortened as far as possible.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturers germany)The heating medium installed in the outer cylinder is usually heat-conducting oil(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The heat-conducting oil in the oil sleeve is heated to melt the mold material in the inner cylinder. In the whole melting process, continuous stirring is required to make the components fuse evenly(brown fused alumina for grinding). Examples of the composition of this kind of mold material are as follows: polyethylene glycol 50%, talcum powder (or mica powder) 30%, sodium carbonate 20%.

Paste like mold material has smaller shrinkage, faster solidification and higher productivity than liquid mold material(black aluminum oxide media). The wax paste preparation process of wax based mold material is: first add 80 ℃ liquid wax into the mold barrel, then add a certain proportion of wax flakes or wax chips, and then make it by rapid mixing(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). The surface quality of investment mold mainly includes dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and surface defects.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturers germany)

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