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In order to prevent the defects caused by solidification shrinkage, the open riser has the function of blowhole(black silicon carbide). During the pouring process, the liquid metal gradually fills the cavity, and the gas in the cavity can escape through the riser. A part of the liquid metal can timely supplement the setting is called the riser(steel grid). As long as the volume of the feeding part of the casting is calculated (VE), it is the diameter of the feeding ball.

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In order to adjust the cooling rate of each part of the casting, the solidification sequence should be considered when setting the position of the inner runner(pink corundum). For the castings with complex shape and uneven wall thickness, it is not enough to adjust the thermal field only by the runner, but also need the cold iron and the mesh to match(glass bead blasting media suppliers). It can be divided into atmospheric pressure riser, compressed air riser and gas bomb riser.(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturers uae)

In addition, the common riser can be divided into top riser, side riser (side riser) and blank holder riser according to the position on the casting(green silicon carbide); according to the degree of communication with atmosphere, it can be divided into open riser and dark riser. According to the heating mode, it can be divided into heating riser, oxygenation riser, arc heating riser and gas heating riser(synthetic corundum). According to the cutting mode, it can be divided into: easy cutting riser.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturers uae)The compensation liquid method assumes that the solidification speed of the casting is the same as that of the riser(black corundum), and that the molten metal supplied for feeding in the riser is a ball with a diameter of do. In addition to feeding, the shape of the riser is round and waist round for the open riser; the sphere is commonly used for the dark riser(garnet abrasive); the blank holder gate is also called the blank holder gate, which is commonly used in cylindrical.

The modulus method determines the size of the riser according to the modulus of the feeding part of the casting and the solidification shrinkage of the casting within the feeding range of the riser The mouth modulus (MA) should be slightly larger than the casting modulus (m)(silicon carbide abrasive).  Proportional method: according to the diameter of the inscribed circle at the hot spot of the casting, the size of each part of the riser is determined according to the proportion(aluminum oxide grit).(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturers uae)

When the casting is solidified, do is the difference between the riser diameter (DM) and the casting thickness(brown fused alumina price). In order to keep the final solidification at the riser, high temperature liquid metal can also be injected into the riser. Because the density of slag, floating sand and inclusion is less than liquid metal, it may float up to the riser to avoid the defects of slag hole, sand hole and sand inclusion(emery abrasive). The method to determine the size of the appetite is as follows.

(cheap white aluminium oxide manufacturers uae)For high hammer steel castings with small bulk shrinkage and large linear shrinkage, sequential solidification and balanced solidification can be considered(aluminum oxide abrasive). The volume of the ball whose diameter is do should be equal to the total volume shrinkage value of the feeding part of the casting (i.e. volume shrinkage rate)(garnet suppliers). Then, the riser diameter is calculated by the formula, and the riser height is taken to make the riser play a reliable feeding role.

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