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According to the data, by 1976, about 50% of the coke ovens in the United States had been continuously produced for 25 years(white corundum), and 15% of them had reached 45 years; the coke ovens in the Soviet Union had generally exceeded 25 years; The life span of coke ovens is more than 20 years(fused alumina), about 41% in West Germany and three in Japan (because most of them were newly built or rebuilt in the 1960s), which are still in production.

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Once upon a time, the lining of coke oven was generally built with dry brick, with short furnace life, low temperature and long coking time, generally 26-34 hours(brown fused aluminum oxide). Since using silica brick to build coke oven, the temperature increases, the coking time shortens, the coke production increases, and the lining life prolongs(green carborundum). The world's first large volume silica brick coke oven with 42 holes and 6 meters high was built in North stern, Germany, in 1927.(cheap white aluminium oxide powder factory united states)

It has been produced for more than 23 years, most of the coke ovens in Britain had reached more than 30 years; and it was rebuilt in 1950 and then put into production(black aluminum oxide). Therefore, in the production of coke oven silica brick in the United States, adding cuprous oxide, the bulk density increases, the coking time was shortened, and the output was increased by 19%(corundum white); and the thermal conductivity increases about 20% at 1093 ℃, which has little effect on other properties.

(cheap white aluminium oxide powder factory united states)Due to the development of iron and steel industry and the increasing demand for coke, large volume coke ovens are widely used in foreign countries, and high-purity reef bricks are used for masonry(pink aluminum oxide). The SiO2 content is generally higher than 94%. The bulk density of common and dense silica bricks are about 1.8g/cm and 1.9g/cm respectively, excellent wear resistance and thermal conductivity(100 grit aluminum oxide white), and their sleep pressure strength is higher than 300kg / cm and 500kg / cm respectively.

To sum up, the production method of dense silica brick is: select silica raw material with low impurity content(silicon carbide price), reasonably adjust particle composition, use appropriate mineralizer, use 1000-2000 tons hydraulic press or 600-1200 tons friction press to form, and then burn it at high temperature to be finished product(silicon carbide companies). The products made in this way have high bulk density, low porosity, high strength, and can transform quartz into scale quartz completely.(cheap white aluminium oxide powder factory united states)

That is to say(white fused alumina), as early as the early 1960s, the United States, Japan, West Germany, the Soviet Union and other countries had mixed a certain amount of copper oxide, titanium oxide, iron oxide and other metal oxides or silicon carbide in the production of dense silicon brick ingredients, and China also trial produced iron containing silicon brick(arc fused alumina). The coking time is significantly shortened, and the coke output is doubled, opening up a new situation of coke burning industry.

(cheap white aluminium oxide powder factory united states)In the late 1950s and 1960s, these bricks were used in coke ovens, when 0.5-10% silicon carbide and silicon nitride were added(white aluminum oxide), the bulk density, compressive strength and thermal conductivity of the bricks were increased by 5-8%, 40-120% and 15-40% respectively. When 15% of Jinyan stone is added(white fused alumina manufacturer), the thermal conductivity of silica brick is increased by 10%, but the compressive strength is reduced, and cracking is easy to occur during firing.

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