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Cheap White Aluminium Oxide Super Fine Japan

When the pH value is 3 ~ 5 (this is the typical pH value of white aluminum oxide slurry), the fine alumina particles and some impurity ions will still have some hydration. The long particles (sometimes plate particles) of wet ground alumina will promote the thixotropy of the suspension. Even in the dry state, the wet ground black fused alumina powder also tends to aggregate. The strength of the green body in dry grinding is larger than that in wet grinding.

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Sand grinding is also called friction grinding. The chrome corundum grinding cylinder is vertical and fixed. It is equipped with a number of rotating spindles of circular plates to drive the grinding ball to rotate. After drying at 100 ~ 500 ℃, the strength of the green body cast by wet grinding alumina slurry decreased significantly, black silicon carbide factory which was related to the loose structure formed after the residual water on the surface of alumina particles was removed.

The burning loss of wet ground alumina is larger than that of dry ground white corundum. It is proved as follows: the shrinkage and deformation of alumina casting body milled by ball mill occur at 1500 ℃ and above, and the deformation and shrinkage of alumina casting body milled by wet method are higher than that of dry method, silicon carbide price and the density of alumina products after firing is reduced, mainly due to a large number of closed pores in alumina crystal.

This kind of alumina products There are coarse corundum crystals, brown fused alumina price and their flexural strength and breakdown voltage are also lower than those of corundum products produced by dry grinding alumina. The former has a flexural strength of 55-94mpa, and the breakdown voltage e ranges from 7.3-14.2kv/mm; the latter has a flexural strength of 90-210mpa and eg-10.9-17.5kv/mm. With the increase of green carborundum particle size, the strength of the green body tends to decrease.

When the black corundum grinding particle size is below tens of microns, the fine powder is easy to agglomerate and affect the grinding efficiency.The dielectric loss of the products increased from 4 × 10 ~ * per 1MHz to (5 ~ 14) × 10 ~ *. See table 3-45 for the influence of alumina grinding method on the sintering density and shrinkage of green body. When the abrasive slurry is pumped from the bottom of the cylinder, it will overflow from the top after pink alumina grinding.

At present, most of the mills with ceramic lining are used to grind alumina with white fused alumina ball, which can avoid iron from entering the material and does not need pickling. However, if the raw alumina corundum ball is used, white spots may appear in the high-purity products (Al2O3 > 99%) - coarse grains with high content of Na2O and SiO2 may be produced. The ball can be hardened steel ball with a diameter of 1-6mm or silicon carbide companies ceramic ball.

The total amount of the ball can account for about half of the pink corundum effective volume. The central axis rotates at a speed of 700-1400r / min, so it gives the grinding ball a great centrifugal force and tangent acceleration, which causes a lot of rolling friction between the ball and the ball and between the ball and the wall. The lower limit of the black aluminium oxide particle size is also lower than that of the vibration grinding, so it can be called ultrafine grinding.

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